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  1. But what if he brings out the queen after knight captures the pawn

  2. I am 400 and have been doing this for the last 10 games I thought I just wasn't playing well enough
    Now I know that this is just a blender

  3. Alternative title:how to get a brilliant move in three moves

  4. Fun fact : you can actually play Qe7 and not lose by force

  5. Damiano is actually viable after qe7 doesn't lose by force, it's a damiano gambit

  6. No it doesn’t lose by force because after bc4+ black will just play d5 and after bxd5+ kg6 Qf5 check doesn’t work because of bxf5 and your actually losing😅

  7. I had this opportunity damn i forgot about it. Also lost badly omg i had forced mate 😭

  8. I just checkmated somebody in 11 moves this way, 900-1000 btw

  9. It should be called the kamikaze variation, because the king decides to leave his army and go for a walk

  10. There's one worse opening. It's the fool's mate. (Not even called an opening because it hangs mate in 1 on the second move.)

  11. I just beat someone that played damiano, he quit in the 10th move

  12. Black might be able to survive if he doesn't take the knight but it's bad. He's already threatening Qh5+. Black's light squares are really weak.

  13. Let me tell you something levy, I’ve beat someone that played that move faster than you think

  14. The point of damiano defense not takes the knight but Qe2 is the main line

  15. Black is fine If he plays Qe7 instead of taking the knight

  16. I’ve seen this opening before and nobody wants to play that opening now 😂

  17. GothamChess: this is worst opening
    Meanwhile Bongcloud: hold my king

  18. He doesn’t have to move the king, he can just move the pawn on G2 .. if he moves the king then he loses!

  19. White Queen checks, block with pawn to g6, Queen captures pawn on e5, then black Queen blocks check on e7 completely stops this and a Queen trade from here really just helps black develop faster than white, there are enough opportunities to trade down that the inability to castle won’t matter nearly as much with queens off the board and rooks still undeveloped. Why not mention Q to e7??

  20. why can't you defend with g6 when the queen attacks?

  21. what if after bc4. he plays d5 and after taking with bishop he plays be6?

  22. You do not capture fxe5 here! You play Qe7

  23. There really needs to be a guide on how to know what’s a bad move.

  24. At some point black can move 1 pawn not by a check. D5 should block the check.

  25. Move two is a clear blunder, it ain't a mistake like game review says, like, even a6 would be better

  26. I play this opening all the time…. But if that happens i will note to not take the knight. I'll play qf7 instead.

  27. I was wondering why black can't just move the g pawn to stop the check, but I realised that it forks the rook. I just wanted to let those who didn't see it know.

  28. After you gave check, player can play woth pawn he dont need to move king..

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