WINNING TRAP in the Italian Game for White

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you one of the best chess opening traps for White in the Italian Game. Not only does it allow you to crush your opponents, it also helps you to win the game in style with a beautiful move!

The Italian Game is a popular chess opening characterized by the moves 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4. The best thing about this trap is that it occurs after the most played moves by Black. You can win the game with an unstoppable kingside attack!

► Chapters

00:00 Insane Chess TRAP in the Italian Game
00:42 Bg5 Pin after Black castles
01:08 Similar to the Fishing Pole Trap
01:44 If Black plays Ng4
03:06 If Black plays Nh7
05:04 Quiz for intermediates and advanced players

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  1. According to Chess while Bc5 is popular, many will take Nxe4 which is the better move. And then much fewer of those Bc5 players will then castle in the position causing Bg5 to not lead to the trap. Black can also play d6 which seems like a natural move to defend e5, which then stops Whites Nxe5. Whites h4 trap move sacrificing the bishop also leads to a pretty bad position for White, and if Black plays d5 also blocks Whites bishop late in the trap setup. which again leaves White in a terrible position. So it's a dangerous gamble for White. I guess it's just something to be aware of if you want to try something fun in those few percentages of italian games where Black both Bc5, castles and no d6 or d5? Please enlighten me if I misunderstand something about this.

  2. white game needs to be consistent in order to pull off this trap. the moment white missed a variation, he's doomed.

  3. 2:30 can't we just sac the rook by giving the check to the black king and then bringing the queen to give check to the Black's king and then finally delivering a mate

  4. Sorry but the line with … hxg5 is winning for black on the spot .. after hxg5 Ng4 , g6 , d5 !!! .. you end up a piece down for nothing computer says – 3.78 for white ,,, best is Nxd5 after Bxf2+ Kf1 … – 4.69 … white is totaly losing … Also on the Nh7 line after g6 Nf6 is the worst answer Best is Ng5 …

  5. Sir you and your channel My amazing ❤❤

  6. after Nf6 Nc3 they ALWAYS do Nxe4 wanting to double attack bishop and knight next move and making this strat almost unplayable. How do I counter it?

  7. Hi Igor, So i was playing someone and I did this trap but instead of taking my Black Bishop with there h pawn, They attacked my White bishop with there knight on a5.. Im sure we cant do this trap without the white bishop? Please help!

  8. Black check Bishop f2 capture Pawn, if king capture Bishop back Pawn f7 go g6 check capture Queen.

  9. Hi, I like to suggest a quicker way for checkmate. After pawns exchange at f7, knight to g6 followed by rook at h8 (two moves instead of five for checkmate)

  10. 1. Bxf2 check. If Kxf2 then f7xg6 with a discovery check and Queen is gone.
    2. Bxf2 check. If Kd1, then Bg4 check, if Qxg4, Ne3 with a fork to the Queen.
    3. Bxf2 check. Kf1, then Ne3 check. If Kxf2, then f7xg6 Queen good or if Ke2, then Bg4 check queen gone.

  11. At 0:35 what if Black plays 4…Nxe4? If 5. Nxe4, then Black plays 5…d5 and winds up with a pawn controlling two important center squares.

  12. at 34 seconds you say play NC3, but according to your previous lessons, if they play that, I just play NxE4, that way when they NxN, I play D5 forking the N & B.

  13. Best chess channel on YouTube, thank you Igor!

  14. What happens if after Kg4, the opponent plays Bf2 instead of Kf2?

  15. Bxf2+! var.1: Kxf2 fxg7+ wins the wQ (K moves and: gxh5 or Qf3 and Rxf3). var.2: Kf1: Ne3+ Kxf2 (and var.1) or Ke2 Bg4+ wins wQ (Qxg4 Nxf4). var.3: Ke2 Nf4+ and after K moves: Nxh5

  16. won't work against me tho as I only play the Rousseau gambit 😂

  17. Bxf2.

    1. If king takes bishop, fxg6 u get discovered check plus u take the queen.

    2. If Kd1, Bg4, Qxg4, Ne3 forks the king and queen.

    3. If Kd2, Qxg5, Qxg5, Be3 forks the king and queen.

    4. If Kf1, Ne3, Ke2, Bg4 forks the king and queen.

    5. If Ke2, Nf4 forks the king and queen

  18. Thanks for the videos, GM Smirnov! One personal question, if I may: with everything that's going on with Ukraine, where are you based?
    Best regards!

  19. The italian is my main opening that I play for black and white thank you so much!

  20. You seem to have this great knack for taking the tremendous complexity of chess and turning it into a straightforward exercise in personal effort and plain common sense. You turn "mystery" into practical knowledge. You make improvement a reachable goal that is better than every other coach out there. You are appreciated. BIG thanks for your efforts!

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