WINNING TRAP in the Italian Game for White

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you one of the best chess opening traps for White in the Italian Game. Not only does it allow you to crush your opponents, it also helps you to win the game in style with a beautiful move!

The Italian Game is a popular chess opening characterized by the moves 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4. The best thing about this trap is that it occurs after the most played moves by Black. You can win the game with an unstoppable kingside attack!

► Chapters

00:00 Insane Chess TRAP in the Italian Game
00:42 Bg5 Pin after Black castles
01:08 Similar to the Fishing Pole Trap
01:44 If Black plays Ng4
03:06 If Black plays Nh7
05:04 Quiz for intermediates and advanced players

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  1. Пане Ігор, дякую вам за таку величезну кількість матеріалів. Дуже цікаво дивитись і навчатися разом 🙂
    Слава Україні!

  2. Thank you for another great video! There appears to be a few variations that are detrimental to white in the puzzle at the end.

    Ones is 1. Bxf2+ Kf1 2. Ke3+ Ke2 3. Kd4+ Kf3 4. Bg4+ (forks the king and queen) White loses the queen.

    Another is 1. Bxf2+ Kxf2 2. fxg6+. (checks the king and attacks white's queen) White loses the queen.

    There are more variations but I haven't thought them all through 🤯

  3. I studied this intently and my very next game was sure enough, the Italian. However, his early move to H6 brought my Bishop move to G5 to a screeching halt. So, I'm going back to the drawing board to see what I can do about that.

  4. ► Chapters

    00:00 Insane Chess TRAP in the Italian Game

    00:42 Bg5 Pin after Black castles

    01:08 Similar to the Fishing Pole Trap

    01:44 If Black plays Ng4

    03:06 If Black plays Nh7

    05:04 Quiz for intermediates and advanced players

  5. You got me to click on to this one as right now the Quiet Game is my main weapon in speed chess. I intentionally slow the game down and Magnus the endgames. Most players don't know how to play end games beyond the basics.

  6. Who would thought that you will destroy them when the position looks peaceful.

  7. This man really provides all this valuable theory for free especially being a GM. Props to you Igor

  8. It's the fishing pole trap for white pretty much 👍

  9. At 5:20, what’s wrong with Qh5:

    Then Black will play Bxf2+
    If, Kxf2 then fxg6+ loses the Q for white

    If, Kf1 then Ne3+ followed by Ke2 (only legal move) followed by Bg4 forking the K and Q.

    Further, if Kd1, the Bg4+ (forking K and Q), if Qxg4 then Ne3 forking K and Q.

    Further, if Kd2, then black will give perpetual checks at Be3 and Bf2 leading to draw.

  10. Freakin g6! Is the move I’ve been missing this entire time. I always calculate the knight fork and shy away cause, ya know, I “need” my queen

  11. Bf2- and any king move will eventually white will loose the queen

  12. Italian game is actually the most common opening played by the bulk of chess players online . Yet there is not much content about how to play it properly.

  13. Thank u master….u taught me a good "missile" 4 me ..I will try it..

  14. It’s a losing trap if black plays correctly

  15. Bf2!!
    I love this winning strategy for the Italian game..

    I have now reached 1600+ rating from 1k-1200 on Rapid because of your videos and the Italian Game is my favorite opening for White!!
    Thanks GM Igor…

    Now my target is to reach 2000+ rating..😊😊

  16. Thanks that you share with us a trap, in which you are actually losing, if they don't fall for it( don't take the f2 pawn with the knight)

  17. About the puzzle: Im a very low rated player, thought about bf2+, but could not find any continuation from there. Now when you flipped the board, I can probably see it. Couldn't find completely, but i think Qf6/bg4/ne3 combo somehow saves the day. Am I at the right track?

  18. Bxf2+, Kd2, Qxg5+, Qxg5, Be3+, Nxe3, gxf7+, Rxf7, Kxe3. Black is +3

  19. Why don't you show the best way for the opponent to play? Maybe Nxf2 is the most natural move but after Bxf2 black is the one attacking while still a piece up; it's -2. As beautiful as the checkmate in the Nxf2 variation is, it's just misleading beginners to reccomend this as a sound trap.

  20. I get fewer and fewer successful traps from players who have much lower rating than their play. Almost everyone is using an opening database every single game as of late. 😔

  21. 1. ….Lf2:+2.Kf2: fg6;+ black wins
    1….. Lf2:+2,Ke2 Sf4+ black wins queen and wins
    1. Lf2:+ 2.Kd2 Dg5:+ and Le3 black wins
    1,…..Lf2:+ 2. Kd1 Lg4+ and Se3
    So the only and strongest move is Th8+

  22. If Qh5?, then Bxf2+.  This has to be the move because it's mate in 1 without a check, and there's no other check.
    a. If Kxf2 fxg6+ followed by gxh5 and the attack is dead. All these variations get rid of white's queen one way or another, with black being up at least a piece.
    b. If Kf1 Ne3+ forces Kxf2 fxg6+ (like the previous variation) or Ke2 Bg4+.
    c. If Ke2 Nf4+.
    d. If Kd1 Bg4+, Qxg4 Ne3+.
    d. If Kd2 Qxg5+, Qxg5 Be3+.

  23. Wow! Soo nice trap! Thanks a lot Igor! 😊👍♟

  24. I think the way out of the trap is after Bg5 h6; h4, to play Be7! White has overextended his h pawn, and now Black can afford to move his bishop back to a more passive position, killing White's threat of Nd5. If White plays Qd2 to castle long and threaten Bxh6, then hxg5 is likely OK because white can't play Qh5 in one shot. Black can continue normal development with d6, Be6 or maybe Bg4, and eventually White will wish he had better control of the kingside light squares. I'd only try this trap if I had practiced the position after Be7 and found a way to be not too unhappy as White.

  25. GM Smirnov you make it look so easy! Thanks to your videos I have beefed up my Italian Game (when opponent plays knight c6 if I open Vienna, also thanks to your videos).

  26. 5:30 knight f6, then sac the bishop on f2, after he recaptures with the queen you can take the knight on g file

  27. I only briefly looked at your challenge. Just spent last 3 hrs playing! I didnt figure out whole combo but it certainly starts with bf2

  28. Puzzle:
    1. …Bxf2ch, then
    2. Kxf2 fxg6ch then wins the Q
    2. Ke2 Nf4ch forks the K and Q
    2. Kf1 Ne3ch 3. Ke2 Bg4ch forks K and Q
    2. Kd1 Bg4ch forks K and Q; 3. Qxg4 Ne3ch forks K and Q
    2. Kd2 Be3ch 3. Kd1 Bg4ch 4. Qxg4 Bxg4 5. Qh5 Nxc3ch 6. bxc3 Bh6, ending the attack

  29. As Igor said before "to take is a mustake". Thus, Black does not play 9…Nxf2 but 9…d5. Remeber what Igor thought us about getting that d5 move in ASAP. After 9…d5, White has to take on d5 with Knight, best move, 10.Nxd5 Bxf2+ then wins for Black. At least that looks like the best line per Stockfish, because Black will end up a piece up in all lines. Is this correct?

  30. It is very interesting that in most traps in the Italian Game, he who Castles 1st is subject to Bg5 pin and the King Side attack of some kind. Lesson learned to wait for castle by the opponent to pin. Likewise prophylactic h6 and h3 is often played. So many nuances in this old openning. Fascinating.

  31. 0:34 "you just Nc3"
    1.e4 e5
    2.Nf3 Nc6
    3.Bc4 Nf6
    If you do 4.Nc3 instead of 4.d3 then black has 4… Nxd4 5.Nxd4 then black has d5!

  32. Darn you are GOOD! Loving all your videos because they really teach you good chess strategies. Your instructions are easy to follow and you have a great sense of humor. I have won MANY games using your strategies. 👍👍👍

  33. Igor sir,here the best way to win here is by Playing the most forcing moves .B*f2 is the saving move

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