WIN With the London System | Simple & Powerful Opening for White

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🔹 The London System: Essential Theory, TRAPS to Win Fast –
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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the main ideas of the London System along with the common middlegame plans and attacking patterns for White.

You will learn to counter several responses of Black against the London System including the Bd6 line, early c5 and Qb6, the King’s Indian Defense setup, and the symmetric 2…Bf5. Knowing these common attacking patterns will give you a tremendous edge over your opponents!

► Chapters

00:00 London System Traps & Middlegame Plans
01:40 1) 4…Bd6 – should you exchange or not?
01:56 1st Attacking Pattern: Ne5
03:33 If Black plays 5…0-0 instead of 5…c5
05:11 2) If Black plays 4…Be7
06:42 2nd Attacking Pattern: Delaying castling
08:30 If Black tries to exchange pieces in the center
09:03 3rd Attacking Pattern: Pushing the h-pawn
12:13 3) If Black plays 2…Bf5
12:40 4th Attacking Pattern: Queenside attack
14:05 4) If Black plays c5 and Qb6
14:30 5th Attacking Pattern: Aiming the c7-square
15:50 5) Black plays King’s Indian Defense setup
16:23 6th Attacking Pattern: Grab the center
17:29 7th Attacking Pattern: Rush into attack
18:55 Counter the London System as Black

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  1. Great teaching system…many lines explained…Just solid and good… keep up the good work!

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