Win the Game in 11 Moves: Scotch Game #MCCP #chess #Checkmate #chessopenings #chesstricks

Win the Game in 11 Moves: Scotch Game #MCCP #chess #Checkmate #chessopenings #chesstricks


  1. That’s not chess that’s called checking the king with the queen

  2. Nah wtf , he just the chance to the opponents queen and then he resigned wow

  3. He lost the game after blundering the knight. What are you talking about? That guy is like 800 Elo😂😂😂

  4. الابيض لا يعرف كيف يلعب وخسر كل جنوده وفي النهاية خسر الملكة

  5. Es increible que caiga en eso yo de un le hago contra a ese ataque que parece de un niño

  6. Cuidado siempre de tu peon de alful de rey! Ese peon es el mas debil de las negras…El señor de la botella debe ser bueno con la Apertura Italiana..

  7. can beat megnus😂😂😂i saw many video but cnot 1 prsen dfet him

  8. Actually this is what brought my ambitions as a chess player to an end in my first amateur tournament.

  9. lawan nya tidak seimbang seperti baru bisa bermain catut

  10. I love how you had the other player pretend to hesitate before pushing the H pawn. Brilliant lol
    Then you hesitated as if you didn’t know you had him with the exact trap you were going for. Amazing acting!!

  11. Cuando va a jugar con alguien de más de 1300 elo ??😂😂😂 que fantasma

  12. Re8 fue muy mala.creo que Rg6 asegura le victoria.pieza de más

  13. This is the scotch gambit. My personal favourite

  14. Playing the player, not the game. There were 3 opportunities to change the outcome…

  15. nah that's my opening ain't no way I'm falling into my own trap

  16. Lets rate how but ths gambit is
    Ill go with a 10/10 you will lose if you are playing somebody higher than 10 elo

  17. H pawn could've saved that, must be a beginner

  18. Is it necessary to drink water before finish the game 😆

  19. This is for noobs. If you know the right openings you can clearly avoid such traps.

  20. Dont pretend you are smart. Those trap aint gonna work for high rated

  21. d5 is the most realistic move after Bc4+

  22. Nunca vi a alguien tan malo fliparse tanto xdd que cringe loco

  23. الكلب هذا يستفزني وهو يشرب عصير 😂

  24. Sorry, I mean Vietnamese chess player Le Quang Liem

  25. There were 76000+ players fell on this trap in lichess database. Player with 2200+ rating also fell on this trap 🤯

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