WIN IN 7 MOVES | Chess Opening Traps & Gambits #shorts

Here are some chess opening tricks & traps for black to win in just 7 Moves. This is called the Blackburne Shilling Gambit where we can trap the white king & checkmate him in the opening.
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  1. Actually I played watching the video and I won 😂😂

  2. Why didn't the white take down the knight with queen when the night was just beside it and king was in chechk

  3. "Can you mate me in 7 moves?
    step 1: get him in your house
    step 2: pull your pants down
    step 3: put it in
    step 4: in and out
    step 5:in and out
    step 6:in and out
    step 7: LET IT FLOW
    you asked for it😏

  4. Not possible, knight in 2e would be eliminated by queen black

  5. Chess is boringly man, let's play checkers, line of the day 😂❤

  6. Moti budhhi .. knight se नाइट maar de na pawns kyu maarna… chutiya bnara

  7. This is what they call blackburne-shilling.i learned it from gothamchess

  8. What if white will knight take pawn instead of black knight

  9. "Scared my foot" made me fell to the floor laughing

  10. My friend totally dead after I use this trap💀

  11. 👊👽👊 wait hold up a second…. Instead we we don’t move our bishop infront of our king to block our king from the checkmate and instead we move our queen infront of our king to protect the king and not move the bishop back to protect our king. Now what?????? Why did that white knight take a measly pawn when the white knight could of taken the black knight? Play Stupid games and win stupid prizes.

  12. Bro why the hell he will not take the knight instead

  13. This will never happen cause Knight will be exchanged

  14. Bro white could have killed the horse with his queen

  15. Bhai rani mar nhi degi horse ko 😂 and second one is nice❤

  16. After Qg5…if the knight goes toNg4…then the continuation

  17. Should have killed the horse with the queen instead lol he was stupid

  18. why he didnt take your knight? its bugging me

  19. The white knight should take the black knight instead

  20. What if he takes the knight instead of the pawn?

  21. When knight plays c2 the queen easily take this 😅

  22. What if Nc6 takes Ne5 declined?

  23. How to decline it:first ppl play d5 d4, Nc6 Nf4,bf5 Ne5,Nxe5 xe5,O-O Qa5,Qd7 be3,d4 bxd4,Qxd4 Check Nd2,bc2 sacrifice kc2,E6 e3,Qd7 Bb5,Qd5 f4,Qg2 bf1,Qc6 check don’t do kd1 it’s a trick Qf3 check and it will destroy all so kb1,Qe4 kc1,Qh1 h4,Qxh4 Nf3,Qh1 Nd2,Qc6 check kb1 ,b6 Qc3 ,bc5 block Qc1,Bxe3 Most players will resign bc4,Bxd2Qxd2,Ne7 blocks Qd5 more player will resign ba6,Qe4 check kc1,Qc6 Qc2,Rd7 bc4,Qh1 check bf1,Qxf1 it’s a check cause Qd1 rook and queen was a pin so resign is only the move .
    I hope you like it guys I spent a long time doing this god bless🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻😊😊😊😊

  24. Why didn't he killed that knight with queen. In first match.

  25. The white would not trade rooks though, because after white moves his rook next to the king there is still no way to guard black's rook since it is stuck

  26. Last check before checkmate can easily defendend by queen taking knight

    Instantly opens comments section

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