WIN IN 3 MOVES: The Jobava London System

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov teaches how to play the Jobava London System chess opening as White. It is a variant of the London System which occurs after the following moves of White: 1.d4 2.Bf4 3.Nc3. It is very easy to learn and gives White great winning chances in just a few moves.

This opening variation was popularized by the Georgian grandmaster Baadur Jobava, successfully employing it against Veselin Topalov and Ruslan Ponomariov, also known as the Rapport-Jobava System, which is characterized by the moves 1.d4 2.Nc3 3.Bf4.

A funny note is that the 2nd most played line by Black loses in just 3 moves. You will also learn the key middlegame plan for White in the main variation.

► Chapters

00:00 Funniest chess opening (Black loses in 3 moves)
00:32 The Jobava London System chess opening
01:39 2nd most played line loses in 3 moves for Black
03:23 If Black plays 3…e6
06:04 If Black plays 3…a6
07:58 Key middlegame plan for White
09:26 If Black exchanges pawns with dxe4

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  1. Thanks a lot Igor for a fantastic variation with mirroropening for white! 😊👍♟

  2. The Jobava London is bad. Everyone knows it's bad. But a lot of players get ahead of themselves trying to take advantage of it and don't take the time to defend against white's opportunities.

    White's early Nc3 blocks the c-pawn. This means that 1) there is no pressure on black's d-pawn; 2) white's queen cannot develop on d1-a4; 3) the c-file will not be open for white's rooks; 4) the c2 square is not available as a retreat for white's bishop. Overall this means that white will have a cramped game and if white wants space they will have to make it elsewhere.

    My recommendation is after 1. d4 d5 2. Bf4 Nf6 3. Nc3 a6 4. e3, instead of the unnecessarily passive …e6, black should play …Bf5 fighting for the e4 square and b1-h7. If then 5. Bd3, Bg6. A reasonable game might continue 6. Nf3 e6 7. O-O c5 8. Ne2 Nc6 =

    Of course white might try to justify the early Nc3, by playing 6. f3!? intending to force e4. 6…e6 is still a fine response. After 7. e4? black has several reasonable moves, including …Bb4, …b5, …dxe4, and …c5, all of which give black a comfortable game. 7…Bb4 is probably the simplest, after which white must play 8. e5 to avoid losing a pawn. After …Nfd7 9. a3 Be7, the position resembles a French defense where black somehow got their QB outside the pawn chain while white has made some mysterious moves. Stockfish says black is close to winning here.

  3. What if 3… Na6 wouldn't that defend the c7 square nicely?

  4. My first attempt trying this… 😂

    1. d4 a5 2. Nc3 h5 3. Bf4 h4 4. Nb5 e6 5. Nxc7+ Qxc7 6. Bxc7 Ke7 7. Qd2 a4 8.
    Qg5+ Ke8 9. Qd8# 1-0

  5. Knight to b8 can also be eliminated by white’s bishop, just like on c7.

  6. Finally a new opening to play. Tried Bishop's opening as you suggested but Caro-Kann, French, Sicilian + main lines – too much to handle… Now playing Queen's Gambit but after 1400 in 9/10 of the matches they go into King's Indian and it's game over for White 🙁

  7. The last position with Black is fine to play.

  8. At 5:42, Black isn't losing a whole Knight but rather the exchange, after …Rd8 (unless I'm missing something). Still, better for White, for sure!

  9. Bro this openning is amazing and i m winning all d4, d5 matches but what about annoying englumd gbit
    Pls make a vedio on countering englund

  10. I loved the preface of “for some reason everyone started sucking this system off and I never got what the big deal was because it’s literally just basic moves.. anyway here’s how you use it to crush flustered fools.” 😂🙌

  11. If the knight moves to D7, how do you play after capturing the d5 pawn with your queen? You don't have the knight fork available. All my opponents retreat the knight to d7.

  12. I've done this probably a dozen times without thinking about it. :/ Apparently it's groundbreaking. Being too deep into openings makes you a bit silly apparently.

  13. What do you do if you take the knight To 5h

  14. Ngl the is the best london variation🥺 thanks man🔥

  15. I mostly play e4 and have just started to play d4 so this is really helpful🎉

  16. Most of the Opponents I play don’t really know any Openings, so when I use an Opening like the London System or Sicilian Defense they don’t know what to do, If you are a beginner and watching this video, I would suggest That you learn at least 3 Openings, Italian Opening (W) Carro Kann (B) Sicilian Defense (B) Of course there are Variations but if you are beginning most people will not play many different variations Untill you get to 500 or 450, then you should know a little bit, but I think these openings are very good and solid for anyone who’s starting the game and who wants to be good at the Game.

    I know 7 Openings (I Count Gambits as openings.)

  17. Lol just tried and won. He seems to know these trick but struggled and resigned 😅

  18. My question is in 2:44 when the knight moves to d7 square the after we take the free pawn on d5
    I get forked with a pawn when my opponent plays pawn to c6 then what to do

  19. It is just a superficial video on this opening. Nothing really to learn from. 👎It is just used to promote the book.

  20. I have played this opening quite a bit but a lot more with the f3 variations, which generally requires holding down d4 at great cost. I'm pleased to find the alternatives involving cxd5.

  21. ► Chapters

    00:00 Funniest chess opening (Black loses in 3 moves)

    00:32 The Jobava London System chess opening

    01:39 2nd most played line loses in 3 moves for Black

    03:23 If Black plays 3…e6

    06:04 If Black plays 3…a6

    07:58 Key middlegame plan for White

    09:26 If Black exchanges pawns with dxe4

  22. Everytimes I see Jobava London, I will think it's Jobama London 😂

  23. Make the opponents resign by playing Nc3 😂

  24. Pretty unique opening always love the Jobava London as it as also some venom in the opening

  25. I say this to all your videos, but the absolute best chess teacher on YouTube.

    Have you met Eric Rosen? You should try to do a collab video sometime (maybe help him prep for an OTB tournament and you could share the prep afterwards which i think a lot of people would like to see).

    He has the natural chess ability to be a GM but i think he needs a coach that understands how to coach his play better and your style is absolutely aligned with his and would take him to the next level while hopefully growing your channel a ton because you absolutely deserve it.

  26. I'm stuck at 890 can someone recommend some openings to reach 900?

  27. Hi. Thanks for this video.
    I started to get myself into this recently and love the system. I was surprised even in classical game some opponents played me the Nc6. Apparently, the Jobava is not so well-known, so that's sounds good for my rating points. Hahaha.
    Also, I have to mention that some people throw me c6 on the third move. Not sure if it's better than a6.
    👋🏻 Have a nice day !

  28. Take this video down immediately!! I beg of you! I’m trying to gain ELO! 😂😂😂

  29. Thanks for doing this on the Jobava system. I have been using it as of late and your insight really helps. I love the Bishop's Opening, the only problem is that I hardly ever get to play it. I have to become an expert on so many defenses against e4 ( French, Caro Kahn, Pirc etc.) and I'm not good enough to learn all of the necessary responses. Against D 4 I usually get d5, with only occasionally getting the Benoni or Englund, so I get to play the Jobva system. Thanks for all of your videos, you are an exception teacher. Take Care & God Bless.

  30. That’s a nice variation. I will try it in one of the next games

  31. Igor I was assistant coaching chess at a rec center, teaching a group of kids ages 6-11. It took only seconds for this to become the "JoMama" London opening. But thanks to Ding Liren for resurrecting the London, apparently Magnus likes it as well. Hikaru really hates it apparently, although he teaches it as well. I'd rank it about my #6 opening for white, I like the Stonewall much better.

  32. I saw someone use this against me and Ive been playing something similar for a while now. Its great in 600 elo range. A lot of people dont see the rook fork and when I get a queen fork its even better. This will probably be the first line I 'study'. After that maybe the queen's Chigorin opening as that one feels fun. 😀

  33. Igor, nice improvement on the hair department. Chess and the discussion are impeccable as always.


  34. won't work against me as I only play the Englund gambit 😂

  35. Hi Igor I’m doing a vid series on this and the best move after e6 is actually Nb5 because if you wait you can have a bishop pin your knight and you can run into some problems.

  36. LOL, that beautiful spinning metal chess set at the end is set up wrong! Gold has 2 light squared bishops!!

  37. i love theory, but practice is always different. Im 1900 on lichess and i can assure that most players in positions like these hunt instant for bishops and will move the knight on the edge for it – regardless of king or queens side – so where the situation appears.

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