win in 10 moves | Chess openings


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  1. Bombastic gambit: Declined variation

  2. No one in their right mind will play such silly moves in a scotch opening

  3. Yo hice eso una vez, esa aperturas con negras
    Esa trampa no la sabía mi rival
    Puedo confirmar que eso pasa en partidas de 1000 de elo

  4. The first thing when i see this video is think that The text below is the lyrics of the background music

  5. WTF I have had this same position once. Rly I haven't seen any vids

  6. Cool! Now I just have to find an opponent who will actually play all these moves!

  7. And he sacrifices… THE QUEEEEEEEN

  8. Guys… the music is saying what the captions are saying. I found that out right now after becoming fluent in Russian for no reason.

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