WIN AT CHESS in 5 moves

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  1. Someone literally did this to me after I tried the London system after watxhing Levi's vids.😂😂😂

  2. I wasn’t even playing the London system, but this girl and I where playing chess and chatting about work, and she did a very similar opening.

    Sadly she forgot it was her turn next and I felt like it would be rude to remind her while she was talking about how she never finished Attack on titan.

    We never finished the game, but I thought I had it in the bag!

  3. Gotham wrote in his book that the London is the laziest opening, but here he unleashes the full friendly fire.

  4. I’m not making my king that weak for a bishop.

  5. now my lame ass that uses the london will counter it 😀

  6. Gotham in his book: I recommend you play the London system!

    Doesn't show the trap 🗿

  7. Ive never heard of this but i do it all the time 😭
    So useful

  8. I know something that is illegal to know or maybe? I don't know, I think it's illegal to just say, but not illegal to know

  9. someone played this at my chess comp against me and i didnt expect it at all lol

  10. And spend rest of gam defending your king from checks

  11. lol i do the london system every day on chess plus people who saw this video and does the london system opening cant they just not push the pawn to e3

  12. If I ever saw my opponent play the side pawn like h5 or h4, depending on your color, that is a big red flag of attempting to trap my bishop. The best response is to push h3 or h6, giving some breathing room for the bishop.

  13. I'm so happy I learned a counter attack on my own. This video confirms that I had the proper counter to this opening!

  14. Its funny how he using probabily word

  15. Me who does this and they play a queen move: 👁️👄👁️

  16. I’ve been running into this a lot playing the London, one solution I found was to play h4 with the pawn block their pawn from pushing to that square and giving your bishop a place to back up to. Any chess gurus reading I would love to get feedback back on this or another way to prevent this.

  17. This is exactly why I started to play the queens gambit

  18. After seeing this I know how to stop this trap

  19. THIS IS WHY I SUBBED🗣️🔥🗣️🔥

  20. New to chess but what's stopping white from just taking the e5 pawn with its bishop

  21. i’ll never understand chess because what if they don’t do those specific moves you show? what if they take with bishop and move to g3? what if they bring out their queen instead? what if they don’t take the pawn at all?

  22. What if u played Englund gambit they would premove and lost a bishop

  23. credit. remote chess academy 😅 right

  24. I respect this guy because he mentioned how to play if they don't fall for it

  25. what if they play h2 —> h3 before hand so the bishop has a square to escape ?

  26. Bold of you to assume my room temperature elo ass can win the game while being a bishop up

  27. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you caught me off guard there Mr Gotham

  28. Yeah that's pretty illegal but necessary 😂😂😂

  29. Me crying in the corner of my room after choosing london system over colle system and many other openings and being one of his biggest fans

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