When arch rivals meet- Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura

Encounters between Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura are always very exciting. Both of them are arch rivals of each other and want to fight until the bitter end. This game was played in the Tata Steel Chess India Rapid 2019. You can find the complete video here:

In this video we have shortened the original video and also put in a digital board, so that you can follow the games better.

Video: ChessBase India
Edited by Shahid Ahmed

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  1. I xoubt i would ecen come close to 1000 elo, but its nice to see that the fundamentaks hold, nakamuras pieces were consistently less active which led to a 1 pawn material advantage which combined with whites tempo was enough to win

  2. im telling you guys..most of the people in the background has covid

  3. Their face look like same to me all the time

  4. Guys who is won i see its draw lol why they not continue game to the end

  5. If game would have continued, Carlsen moves king to top to promote pawn to queen and that's it….

  6. 6:06 why not hikaru Queen f8 he could have protected the rook and check a rook

  7. 0:54 I guess Hikaru made a mistake by giving up centre control completely to magnus.

  8. why do they shake hands before the game is over?

  9. That video should have been titled… Covid Explosion

  10. Carlsen always giving Nakamura a "reality check, mate".

  11. The game had not ended tho. Why'd they quit?:

  12. Who is controlling the brightness on this camera? They must be too busy coughing to notice it's terrible. And wtf is the smudge on Magnus shoulder. I thought chess was about class 🤣

  13. I feel like Hikaru has a mental block against Magnus at this point. He shakes his head at every move lol.

  14. They looks like the white and asian variants of each other

  15. These two being rivals is like me and Michael Jordan being rivals.

  16. see this guy wins with. intimidations He is good. but ……..he can be beat. a perfection of a game is how you play it.

  17. This game is not that hard.
    when you know the players……they can underestimate and get ……….from a 2300 to a 4 lol

  18. Trust me , I suck at it though. But when they get cocky and think they will run me….Yahoo ran me out for beating one of the best players online. OH , and they took my name out. I would tell you that but ……..I"m still pissed at yahoo from so many years ago.

  19. Yo why do they have the same cranial-like structure and why has noone mentioned this

  20. Carlsen appears to be stronger than the 500 elo Nakamura usually plays with

  21. Finally a video without the worst possible angle of all time

  22. I'm very new to chess and I'm wondering how the officials know who won, they shook hands, and Magnus had one piece more on the board so should have more points and therefore win. But I could also imagine them shaking hands for a draw. Shouldn't the games be played out until you have an official winner or the losing player state that he has lost?

  23. I have to pause the video so many times to understand what happened and then it takes me 5 minutes to fully understand what would happen with every move and I’m so shocked that they just get it in a couple of seconds lol

  24. They could exchange hairs, and i still wouldn't know who is who. They look the same

  25. at the end of the game hikaru said "don't let me catch you outside"

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