What Your Chess Opening Says About You Part 2

A lot of people liked the first video and suggested more traps for the second vid so here’s part 2!
Ik I didn’t put a lot but that’s cuz I suck at chess (just check my old chess vids) and don’t have enough knowledge to talk abt it in a vid.

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  1. 1:00 as an individual who enjoys playing scotch game variations, i can confirm that i am an alcoholic

  2. that is not the intercontinental ballistic missile gambit it is like thatNf3 d5 e4 dxe4 Ng5 Nf6 d3 exd3 Bxd3 h6 Nxf7 Kxf7 Bg6+ Kxg6 Qxd8

  3. As a danish gambit player, u are so right lol

  4. my grandfather was north korean, and i can confirm that he plays that in chess all the time

  5. I use scotch gambit a lot but I don’t drink alcohol

  6. Bro still none of my openings have made it in these videos 😭BTW please review Duras Gambit!!!

  7. Pleaseeeeeee do the Halloween gambit I always play and it's so funny

  8. Sodium Attack: your a chemist, Walter white, or a science teacher.

  9. I use the ponzai cause I watched him but I just thought it looked fun

  10. I think it's an absolute W that I play none of the openings from part 1 and part 2.

  11. the bongcloud is viable because it makes the opponents think they've already won and then they underestimate you

  12. As a person who plays the scotch, i can confirm that i am an alcoholic

  13. Hey I’ll have you know I am loosing with 1300 rating while using the caro, get it right.

  14. I play the Scotch Gambit and can confirm that I am an alcoholic

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