What Your Chess Opening Says About You Part 2

A lot of people liked the first video and suggested more traps for the second vid so here’s part 2!
Ik I didn’t put a lot but that’s cuz I suck at chess (just check my old chess vids) and don’t have enough knowledge to talk abt it in a vid.

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  1. Wayward queen is great if you went from noob to intermediate over the board and want to quickly get through the 300-600 elo people. Once a low elo player loses their rook, which they usually do, they tend to blunder their pieces pretty quickly after

  2. when is the ferenc gambit coming out. the stupidest gambit in the world.

  3. I play the englund because people at my rating are trash at taking advantage of what it can be for white and I would like to steer london players out of their standard play

  4. I dont use tactics i just place where i want to

  5. bird opening do the funny surveillance robot opening

  6. Albin Countergambit: You have no idea what to do if they don't fall for the Lasker Trap.

  7. where is the polish/orangutan opening? its my favorite

  8. I am devastated that king's fianchetto isn't on either videos

  9. I play the polish and the Halloween where are my openings

  10. i play king's fianchetto, it confuses lots of ppl

  11. i love how the intercontinental ballistic missile gambit was a joke video and it was actually turned into a real opening with this as its real name.

  12. sadly, my opening is the pyramid.

  13. The Wayward Queen Attack is so relatable that it hurts

  14. bro really went to roast even the scotch gambit

  15. I always play Napoleon Attack, ITS FUN ok dont judge

  16. 1:12 honestly, if i see someone play that opening, my plays would just go agressive.

  17. Scotch Gambit: tbh rather than moving my knight, i will move the queen to h5 attempting an attack at f7 IF they don't defend i will capture pawn on f7 and , checkmate. easy win? (in other words this opening kinda suck?)

  18. i play a mix of the vienna and caro kann. let me explain (BLACK)

    1. c6
    3. Nf6

  19. I love when I play the pawn moves necessary to get fools mates in an attempt to see the wonders of single digit Elo chess and they don’t see it

  20. Probably I really like alcohol, I should try

  21. As a réti player i see this as an absoulute win

  22. How to avoid losing your bishops in the danish gambit: Don't lose the bishop.

  23. I actually beat a 700 rated after using a bongcloud opening

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