Weirdest Chess Openings Explained

What is the best opening from this video?

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C*ck and ball$ opening –

00:00 – Intro
00:15 – C*ck And Ball$ Gambit
01:48 – Coca Cola Gambit
02:32 – ICBM Gambit
03:53 – Beaver Dam
04:09 – Monkey’s Bum
04:29 – Lobster Gambit
04:57 – Potato Opening
05:18 – The Barnes Opening (king sacrifice)
05:51 – Bongcloud
06:16 – Tortoise Opening
06:40 – Clarendon Court Defense
07:03 – Polish Opening
07:30 – bonus opening

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  1. It should be "Strange", not "Bad", since a few seem good.

  2. Please do a part two this was incredibly hilarious!

  3. Monkeys bum is a pretty good opening against modern defence

  4. the barnes opening is f3 on the first move

  5. White plays the caulk and ballz gambit!
    It was effective
    Black plays the toilet opening
    It wasn't effective
    White plays the piss gambit
    It was super effective!
    White wins!

  6. I thought the polish one will be sandomierski gambit

  7. The ICBM is the best if you want to win, but the Bongcloud is the funniest.

  8. I once played king’s gambit but not that gambit

  9. I'm not good at chess, and a friend invited me to play. I won 3/4 games with the C*ck and balls opening. Highly recommend

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