Weirdest Chess Openings Explained (pt 2)

What is the best opening from this video?

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00:00 – Megabongcloud
00:47 – Sandommierski Gambit
01:13 – Drunk Knight Opening
01:55 – Amazon Attack
02:04 – Toilet Opening
02:16 – Hippopotamus Defense
02:58 – Giraffe Attack
03:45 – Creepy Crawly

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  1. "develops his king"
    Yeah the best placement for a king is e5 controling 8 squares which is called a octupus king 👌

  2. No respect opening: and this is the opening!
    4-move checkmate: r u serious?

  3. 1st opening is not called mega bongcloud lmao its the transvestite 💀💀💀

  4. I died after you said Magnus developes his king 😂👏🏽

  5. Hmm. I played the mega bongcloud already in the 90's or early 00's

  6. I knew someone who would always play the Amazon for no reason

  7. Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Opening and Co*k and Balls Opening left the chat

  8. Intercontinental ballistic missile opening

  9. “Drake” opening on the next one please

  10. i lost 67 matches just becoz of ur video….shame on you

  11. The thing is that Amazon attack is actually good lol

  12. Btw the drunk knight opening is also called "ammonia opening" cause it's 1.Nh3😂

  13. since I started playing the hippo I went from 1000 to 1100 rapid and improved my blitz rating too and I keep climbing, best part about it is that you dont have to study any other openings, you can play it both with white and black and against anything, dosnt matter what your opponent plays

  14. Before computer era i think the last 4 opening was very common compare to normal opening now a days.

  15. Mad respect for proper pronounciation of "Sandomierski"

  16. Bro I heard magnesium carlsen do the mega bongcloud

  17. one time, in online chess (i don’t remember how the first half of the game went, besides most of my pieces getting captured), i just kept taking my queen and putting my opponent’s king in check until they got sick of my shit and left. all told, the game was a hundred and something turns long—easily the last 60+ of which were just me going “check, check, check, check…”

  18. 1:33 Both White and Black Queens an Kings :Kingside Knight… are you okay?

  19. "Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Gambit" no shit its an actual opening but hard to pull off

  20. There is no Openings in Chess named these. Stop telling lie to everyone and respect the game!

  21. The mega Bongcloud is interesting but after 1.f3 e5 instead of immediately developing my king I would give him a larger lane by playing 2.g4

  22. Why would you castle when playing the hippo defense? The objective of this opening is to make an unstoppable wall of doom with your pieces. Your king is meant to go to f2.

  23. 1:25 the ammonia move is the best solution for a knight to be drunk

  24. I played the hippo gambit before and its actually both good and funny lol

  25. I'm going to try the giraffe and disrespect. Hilarious showcase! 😀

  26. Hippopotamus defense is actually my favorite opening in chess

  27. The most disrespectful opening is the Worstfish Gambit where you go g4 then f4

  28. The mega bong cloud is actually the magnus Carlsen gambit

  29. i seriously though black was doing the c*ck and ball opening against the hippo defence

  30. "Megabongcloud"

    Brother that is the JINGLE OPENING

  31. Its Sandomierski, there is no double m. It comes from polish city Sandomierz, where the action of popular polish crime tv series "Ojciec Mateusz" (eng. "Father Matthew") takes place. This opening was shown in one of the episodes of the series and became popular meme in polish internet

  32. "megabongcloud" its already named the magnus carlsen gambit

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