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0:00 Intro
1:40 Game 1
18:52 Game 2
39:15 Game 3
56:50 Game 4

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  1. If I’m not mistaken, Qxg2 at 32:19 does not win the queen with Rg1. Black had Qxf3 on the hanging knight.

  2. hahahahaha even 1750 botez gambit under time pressure followed by disconnection

  3. 49:12 is such a nice move that I would I’ve never thought of. Turned weak that pawn into a killer attacking move

  4. Currently rated like 100 something. Horrible at chess. Lets hope you can help lmao

  5. Want to be a 1500 in chess => stop blundering your pieces! => (anna cramlin has a great video on this topic)

  6. no thanks i prefer not get this rating , and is posible, i also prefer ignore, this level exist, thanks any way

  7. Hanging ducks. Such an awesome expression.

  8. Can i ask why in the first game when you moved Rook to D2 to protect pawn, you didnt put it on D1?

  9. hes deff scottish and hes just so damm text book style

  10. Levy: Makes a video that gets almost 3 million views

    Also Levy: Well, I'm never doing that again.

  11. Big Tonka T is my inspiration to reach 1500

  12. Started 2 months ago from 550 and now i'm 900. Love how this game opens new perspectives as you reach higher elos

  13. I left comments that might be construed as bad on your channel. I'm sorry, I love you

  14. Levy, it is very useful video, thanks for you job! Just one question from my children: why are you using flower vase as drink glass! ))))

  15. 29.00 mark…."You're Queen should really stay on the board" This is the chess instruction I need. I always just give her up. 😂

  16. I swear people are playing rapid like they're playing bullet. And then when they're stuck they'll just lose the whole minute or two trying to figure things out when it's already too late

  17. Dumb question , what does “fiencetto” or however you spell in mean when developing the bishop ?

  18. Meanwhile i went back from 1000 to 900 🙃🙄

  19. Back here after 11 months. Started as classic 400 elo player and stayed with chess up until now rated 1000. I hope by the next year I will be 1500

  20. 1:03:54 "Hanging ducks"
    At dawnbreak, they waddled sorrowfully to the gallows, rueful of their criminal ways. Readily the nooses tightened about their slender necks as their demerits were read aloud by the pontiff. They gave no plea and accepted their fate. All but the one with the feather on his back. He broke the silence with a quack quack quack.

  21. Can someone please help me? I want to get better at chess. I’m 100% new. I don’t know any end, middle, opening games.. who’s up to be my coach?

  22. As a non-chess player I think you're going pretty heavy on the sub-optimal moves, but I guess that is to balance out the moves where you're clearly outplaying them.

  23. Fantastic commentary, color and teaching. Sincerest thanks

  24. Well, the grind paid up and I finally reached 1500.
    But, well, it's still not pretty at this level. We (fellow 1500) suck big time.

  25. not my 2200 rated ass being like: well lets see how to fall down back to 1500

  26. Awesome commentary. I like hearing how you think

  27. Is that ego talking when you say in game 4 that your opponent was a Gotham Chess course owner based on 5. f4? It is not the most popular move, but it isn't THAT uncommon. It's the third most common in the Lichess database (accounting for 1 in 6 games), and the second most common for the 2500 level players (22% of games).

  28. Beginner here only rated about 1100 I would love to know what chess app you are on that. You can make moves and then back track it to teach and the computer. Tell you which is the best move that would be awesome. By the way I just started following you in your fantastic.

  29. Watching this on 1st January 2024 at 12:05 am 😂

  30. Bro gotham think we are bots I am literally beter than HIM beceaus my rating is 2689 in fide i am grandmaster i hate gotham😡

  31. Ironically I am watching it in 2024 and he said happy new year 😂

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