Universal Chess Opening against d4

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  1. what is this you have just given a king in white side and showing analysis

  2. This is a great opening against d4 and any more, specially blitz games. I won many games from that opening
    Thanks Gj

  3. Nice opening with black. I like it. 🙂


  5. what is the purpose of such an early qc7?

  6. & what is the name of this defense..

  7. I always had problem playing against d4 but because of this I won 9 matches with this opening in tournament.Thanks a lot

  8. can you upload a video sir, using this opening when you are playing different kind of opponents

  9. who the hell is fritz/flitz he is talking about in the video?!

  10. I love this video! Well taught. I like playing the Budapest gambit as black, but if my opponent doesn’t play 2. c4, then I transpose into this opening. It will baffle white. I have played this 24 times in my club , and my record is 22-0-2. Thanks for the video!

  11. Sir GJ, in 11.33, if White plays h3 then Nf3 to prevent Black from playing Bg4, then how to develop the light-squared Bishop? Should we play Nbd7 after this? tq

  12. I m an old man fond of chess, believe me the way U explain the situation is superb non of one match, best wishes for your future
    Aleem from karachi

  13. Tq gj..i was struggling against d4 now im winning almost every game in this opening!tq so much..my rating also improved to 1600+ its a big deal for me

  14. What is the name of this defense please? Great series of videos by the way 🙂

  15. You need to explain to me for long time..but, I understand quickly ! Don't loose the faith, keep the faith, keep the faiiiiiithhh.. 🎶🔣

  16. Yesterday I applied your opening as white against 1. Nf3, d5 while playing against Stockfish on Level 6 – and I won – thanks man!

  17. I have been playing this opening for last 6 months and got very good results against london, classical, and three center pawn. But I am facing some troubles when opponent play four center pawn or three center pawn (f4 instead of c4), and when opponent delay Nf3. Please suggest me how should I respond against these moves.

  18. It looks like my black lion philidor my deadly weapon

  19. 15:11 in you say you play B4 but it's B5 FYI. great stuff though.

  20. Amazing vidoe you got a like and a sub

  21. It's a strong line and I won a few games with this…but I need to work hard on my middle game. Please make some videos for middle game too.

  22. I learned a lot from your videos thanks Sir

  23. Could you update this video with responses to whites' d5 push?

  24. Thanks for the great video. I review it periodically.

  25. Hi, I have a suggestion. Building on this video, can you show many blitz games using this opening while you comment on your thinking behind each move so that we can have more samples to learn the ideas from. Some authors call it a speed run. Do consider please. I really really like this set up against d4. But there's only one video to learn from.

  26. It's 2023 and who's here with me? God bless GJ Chess🎉🎉

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