Understanding The First Move of Chess Openings

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  1. Im by no means even a decent player, but I do really enjoy the unorthodox or unique openings. When I was little, my grandpa would always say something about me trying to reinvent the wheel lol meanwhile, little me was just over there having a blast making hoof noises and other sound effects. I wasnt just playing chess, I was playing a battlefield rp game in my head. Moral of the story is let kids have fun or theyll end up playing goofy like me 😂 enjoy yall selves and do what you want

  2. I wonder if you mind telling where you bought that roll up mat from, I am looking for one that is durable, big, flat and this seems to be it, please

  3. C4 is how you lose a rook if you dont notice

  4. after e4, i really recommend ke2 It is one of the best openings as it is made by the Hikaru Nakamura.

  5. 1.e4 e5 is open 1.e4 anything that is no e5 is semi closed and everything that is not 1.e4 is closed

  6. I am good in open positions, because I think I am good in early queen attacks

  7. Bro I want that exact chess set can you plz link it here I have been searching for it for so long but I can't find it plz link it plz plz plz @chess Knowledge with H1

  8. I never thought about that. Now I know why I hate d4 openings

  9. E4 open positions Then I have to play against the closed Sicilian

  10. E4 is open positions? Did you forget about the ruy lopez(mostly), Gucci pianissimo Italian, kings Indian defense/pirc and then semi closed positions like the caro-kann, french, and the Vienna?

  11. Wow, I sure wish that I knew what the heck that even means

  12. What about closed sicilian or clised ruy lopez?

  13. Hey man love your videos and all but any tips to bust the position (when it’s extremely closed) without being necessarily dangerous? With same pawns amounts.

  14. I see lately I've been abusing Accelerated London at 800 elo so I can see that one of my specialties are closed positions

  15. This man talking about d4 e4 and c4 while I be out here playing h4

  16. bru most of ur videos are good but this is complete bs. there SOO MANY openings with e4 you can get closed (italian and french to name a few) and so many opens you can get with d4 (queens gambit or catalan to name a few)

  17. ruy lopez mainline, petroff, anti sicilians, italian mainline (giouco piano/pianissimo), kings indian attack, french, budapest gambit, albin countergambit, benko:

    hello there

    on a more serious note, i really dont see the point in making these kinds of generalizations.

  18. When the opponent plays f4 😑😑😑

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