Under 800 Rated? Watch This.

In this video I talk through my moves against chess players rated under 800 to explain what they are doing wrong. Hope this is helpful to you and lmk if I should do the same thing with other rating groups 😀

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00:00-00:40 Intro
00:40-11:50 Game 1
11:50-15:50 INSANE STUFF
15:50-24:40 Game 2
24:40-25:09 Conclusion

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  1. you look so much like Marzia (pewdiepie's wife) in your profile pic

  2. Like putting on child cloth and beat children on the playground. "Well I'd like to show you a middle game but they get smacked so easily"

  3. I wish I could play against Anna! Not saying I would win ahah

  4. What's the tactic called, where you bait the opponent into taking with Knight for the checkmate

  5. I mean, it's hard to learn chess while u are trying not to have a crush on the youtuber…thank god she is an amazing coach.

  6. anyone else see that mate in 2 with the knight and bishop on the first game

  7. This is a great video, very useful and enjoyable! You're beautiful too, which is a nice bonus.

  8. I hate to be that guy but I'm only human every time I play chess I try to empty my mind but I'm only a man and she is so absolutely gorgeous in every way and clearly an intellectual I cannot, not be distracted either consciously or unconsciously by her in the side I'mma need to black her out so I can focus without intrusive thoughts like DAMN she's beautif.. ah shit I missed that lemme rewind XD

  9. im 800 rated and the only thing i saw in the video is a pretty girl, must check for more

  10. Under 1200 you're either a complete beginner or braindead lol

  11. The fear in her eyes when she pre moves hahaha

  12. Why are you always yelling? Are you half deaf or didn't you learn about a thing called inside voice in school?

  13. Sometimes I try premise entire game thinking I’m Hikaru and blunder my queen

  14. why u screaming !!! when the mic is just below you , my ears bleeding rn

  15. Before I watched it, I was under 800…

    But now! Now nothing has changed and I'm still under 800 ; _;

  16. wow, i'm 647 just won vs 623 using the "insane stuff" technique! thanks

  17. What in the world 😂😂 The identical Ruy Lopez games

  18. Really appreciate your videos. Easy to follow and very helpful 👌 🙏

  19. You make it look so simple and easy

  20. Am I the only one who feels sick and insane after watching this vid

  21. 3:07 as an 300 elo player i would bring my bishop c1 to g5 and force the oponent to bring his knight or queen out and next move is to bring my queen form d1 to e2 to double attack and yeah i would say checkmate

  22. I heard the F in F pawn stands for "don't even f-ing think about it"

  23. you shouldn't say "guys" because patriarchy

  24. Whhaaatt winning 2 games in a row like that, wow

  25. I was playing black while watching this video 5 minutes ago to improve. My opponent had 1 extra move that was different but ended up leading to the SAME EXACT TRICK. Hahahaha that was unreal.

  26. you're killing the sisters with your channel – Andrea is such a loud-mouth and Alex is jiust arrogant – I learn nothing from them

  27. OMG I did almost the very same bishop/queen checkmate minutes after watching this video!,,,,,fell right into it!

  28. lmao my opponents not playng this bad and i am like 600

  29. The audio is really low; when the ads pop up it blasts my ears.

  30. im stuck at like 870 i keep getting up to almost 900 and back to 870 so sad

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