Under 800 Rated? Watch This.

In this video I talk through my moves against chess players rated under 800 to explain what they are doing wrong. Hope this is helpful to you and lmk if I should do the same thing with other rating groups 😀

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00:00-00:40 Intro
00:40-11:50 Game 1
11:50-15:50 INSANE STUFF
15:50-24:40 Game 2
24:40-25:09 Conclusion

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  1. I feel for the people that had to take this experiment, they’d lost the game before even starting😂😂

  2. Very helpful video for a beginner like me. Thanks

  3. this is a great example we should really leave the ruy lopez for the gms
    600s have absolutely no business playing the ruy lopez

  4. I think my ranking is a #2….Only because Ii can be the cat.

  5. Can you get a rating estimate without playing humans?

  6. why do you keep baiting people into castling king side pathetic low iq

  7. Imagine she was live and the opponent was an undercover GM 💀

  8. First game i saw a queen sac to delay the inevitable checkmate but he lost anyways after he blundered blocking with his knight

  9. I am 801 rating, I don’t need this ❤😂

  10. Finally I’m at 800. I Stucked at 1.600 for such a long time

  11. You are too funny anna. My most favorite chess youtuber

  12. I don't care what anyone says. 400 to 600 has 1500 level players stuck in its revolving door. It's very difficult to advance at 8 points a game.

  13. I'm sub 500 I haven't play meany games, but I always play people harder than the 1000 level bots I can beat. It sucks I don't like playing anything but bots because I keep losing.

  14. anna, second game was cruel, take it easy with the five hundreds haahah

  15. Why not Rxe5 instead of the played Bxe5? In that case, the bishop could have taken the knight on h6 and black would have to sacrifise the queen on e8 to prevent mate.

  16. I will be sure to keep this one for a reference!

  17. bro my enemies are on steroids then bc I check the summary and they always got like 95% accuracy, like breh

  18. Like a lot of
    1. young
    2. women
    she is talkig very fast, which it makes difficult to follow her, especially if your mother tounge is not english.

  19. Thanks! Very helpful! I appreciate the realistic “dummy” format 😀

  20. Me watching this – sheesh her opponent is so bad!
    Also me in a game – makes worse moves.

  21. You have a wonderfull way of teaching and explaining!

  22. he could have sacrificed his queen to the bishop and took the bishop with his king?

  23. pls make one without showing ur face bc i wanna focus on game not ur pretty face💔

  24. This is the best chess video on youtube OMG. She read their minds twice

  25. I learn so much from you and your a fun person to watch.

  26. Just watched the queens gambit now here iam.

  27. Crush them, then take away their will to live! Anna, you are way more entertaining then Levi! Oops, did I say that part out loud? Thanks for the video. 😹

  28. She is very difficult to listen to with her ending most sentences with an unresolved pitch and "like, like", "like" Great content.

  29. I'd rather watch gotham chess. U bad a teaching chess

  30. My 500 enemy's are always so much better than the ones in videos. They almost never blunder. See crazy things etc.

  31. sound is very low but exect same 2 games was awsome :DD

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