Ultra-Aggressive Sicilian Dragon, Yugoslav Attack – Chess Openings Explained

Jonathan Schrantz activates the R.O.G. 4000 to choose the topic for this week: the Sicilian Dragon! See two games featuring the Yugoslav Attack, the Dragon’s “ultimate test.”

Sergey Karjakin vs Teimour Radjabov, FIDE Grand Prix (2008): B78 Sicilian, dragon, Yugoslav attack, 10.O-O-O
Magnus Carlsen vs Teimour Radjabov, Bilbao Grand Slam Chess Final (2008): B78 Sicilian, dragon, Yugoslav attack, 10.O-O-O


  1. Chinese Dragon still very interesting to this day

  2. I stumbled across this video and my first thought was "wow he sounds super nervous for some reason compared to how smooth and confident he normally is" and only then did I realize that this was 7 years ago and that it's a different channel. It's crazy how time changes people. He's my favorite teacher!

  3. 3 minutes in and you haven't started covering am opening. How are you getting retention on these videos?

  4. Jonathan – what software do you use to make these videos?

  5. I would really like to see a lesson on the Bongcloud. 1.) e4, e5 2.) Ke2..

  6. I would love to know more about Colle-Zuckertort opening.

  7. I would like to see the Petrov, or Russian defense. Preferably something that is slightly more aggressive from black then normal. Good lecture as always Jonathan.

  8. I think a video on the Berlin would be well received :p

  9. I would like to see Schliemann Defense and Schliemann Defence Deferred

  10. min 39:25 why dont u sack the queen on a2?
    Ta4 checkmate

  11. Have you all ready done qgd? Also can you please put all your opening vids in a playlist?

  12. As a kingsindian player at the amateur level (opponents at about 1500-2100 Elo) I often face the london system or similar openings with the c3-d4-e3 pawn chain and would love to have something active for black against it. Obviously I need something where an early g6 fits in, since I want to also be able to enter a main line kingsindian defense..

  13. in the spirit of dragon, can you do hyper accelerated dragon and maroczy bind?

  14. Could he talk about the 4 pawns attack variation of the Kings Indian defense?

  15. Can you do the Sicilian najdorf or the rut lops with a6

  16. Najdorf English attack, specifically Be3 Ng4 sideline 🙂

  17. I would like a lesson on the "Birds Defense" – the original, not variations like dutch f.e.
    This is one of my favourite openings for white (IF black doesnt go for e5 on move one).
    I also like me a good b3 opening (Nimzowich-Larsen-Attack), or a Colle-Zuckertort-Variation.
    Ehem, is it "Nimzowich" or "Nimzowitsch"?

  18. is Yasser still affiliated with the club? Please say yes!

  19. 'Alle gute dinge sind drei' as they say in German ….nice lecture!

  20. Great video, I picked up more about the Yugoslav attack from that video than anything I've read to date.

  21. Queen's gambit accepted from black's point of view. Or the Grunfeld

  22. I am so lost at English and Reti openings, please explain :O

  23. if the box only contains chess openings I guess the most exciting opening is opening the box.

  24. i love the guy in the audience (the dude with accent) constantly suggesting really shitty stuff XD

  25. Can you guys do semi Slav Botvinik system, najdorf poisoned pawn and grunfeld old main line?

  26. I'm mad that the exchange slav was not explained.

  27. Scandinavian Defense,Mieses-Kotroc variation

  28. Could you do a lesson on one of karpovs English? He's games before Kasparov are pretty sweet.

  29. Super good video. At last. More of Jonathan please.

  30. Thanks for choosing my suggestion Jonathan!! Great lecture!
    PS: Actually you did pronounce my name well.. 🙂

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