Tricky Chess Opening Against the London System – Every Move Is A TRAP!

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the trappiest chess opening variation for Black against the London System. The London System is a chess opening system where White plays 1.d4, 2.Bf4, and then have a pyramid of central pawns with e3 and c3.

You can counter the London System with 2…c5, striking in the center. This variation is really tricky and Black sets a lot of deadly traps almost every move. A lot of the players who play the London System as White are unfamiliar with this variation and fall for these traps!

► Chapters

00:00 Deadly Trap Against the London System
00:44 Play 2…c5, preparing the queen jump
01:29 1) If White plays Qc2
02:34 Trap against a chess noob
03:06 Trap against an advanced player
03:42 2) If White plays Qb3
05:39 Deadly trap to beat a chess nerd!
07:13 Can you find the winning move?
07:50 3) If White plays 3.d5

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  1. Great channel. I just wish i had more time to study this stuff.

  2. Great video as always. Can you please do a video on the Elephant Gambit next? It's my favorite gambit to play as black and is full of traps and opportunities, even against experienced players.

  3. can you please feature the WAGON GAMBIT

  4. Do you mind making a video about the dutch defense? I started playing it, but im not sure how to attack right as black. I would love that

  5. As usual not mentioning the most common response. In this case it is 3. e3.

  6. The sad thing is that as a d4d5 player as black cuz of albin against the queens gambit, I don't have this option available

  7. I'm really enjoying these videos and I'm finding them very useful.
    I have a noob question: what is meant by the term "forcing line"? (It was used at the 9:00 mark.)

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