TOP 8 BEST Chess Openings


0:00 Intro and White Openings
13:45 Black Openings

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  3. Are the winrates of some opening lines so good because the openings are good, or are they "just" good because the opponents were bad (in terms of "they play bad in general as they already have no clue about openings")?

  4. English is one of the best openings if you learn all the options.

  5. This video is so underrated.. one of the best educational videos he has made!

  6. I've been messing around the the Vienna after playing the Scotch for ages. I see why he likes it so much. So, so many tactics. You get a lot of fun games. It's risky and you can get destroyed if you are not accurate, but damn, it's a fun way to to play, even if you lose.

  7. I'm at the office and my appointments for the day have all been canceled or rescheduled… Time to try the Vienna!

  8. For Italian I normally play the black-burne shilling gambit should i play that or play how you say to

  9. Damn I love Levy, but man…Youtube 2 sets of 2 commercials in the first 5 minutes? What the hell is happening to the world? Ideocracy, that's what.

  10. Levy recommending Nc6 against the London is crazy

  11. Oh no Levy just revealed my secret b5! line to the chess world. Is this why no one lets me play the Ulvestead lately

  12. * Hi Levy…, Two great words, one great sentence, and more… #1) "Thank you." #2) "Thank you for sharing the video." Excellent video and very informative. I or ( WE ) thank you for sharing the video with us… #3) Please make more chess videos on YouTube and chess courses, too… Your friend always.., Mike in Montana P.S.: Levy…, you are an "excellent teacher"…, more chess videos and chess courses… 🙂

  13. Hi Levy ( GothamChess )…, You are bringing back people to the wonderful world of Chess ! ! Excellent video and very ( informative ), and thank you for sharing the video… Mike in Montana 🙂

  14. Give me Kings Gambit or give me death….

  15. The black opening around 22:00 looks like a reverse variation of the bird

  16. I swear this has become a bucket list of openings to use! so much fun

  17. Hey Levi, I started using your Dutch and, while I’m still learning, I’ve had a lot of success with O-O-O, Rg8, g5 and lining up the queen, rook, and fianchettoed bishop to the white king and the h and g pawns

  18. When you push upon up in the night goes back what do you do next

  19. 27:05 Me: A London Player from Levy’s recommendation yea, I’m gonna love this and hate this at the same time

  20. Please don't pronounce Réti like ready.

  21. Any good response for black after d4 Nf6 in the London?

  22. “The dark knight gambit is on a whole different level, against the fried liver, and you’ll win an obscene amount of games.” Doesn’t recommend it here 🤣

  23. Does the "Anti-London" defense have an opening name? If it's novel, are we all calling it the "Gotham Defense"?

  24. The late people won't know what I said 😀

    Like if you know what I said

  25. i have question as a beginner ,

    the dutch defense is a response to d4, but you have to play your first move with f5.
    so what if your opponent plays the London system, you cant practice the strategy against London from the video anymore.

    so is the dutch a bad strategy against the London system?

  26. I feel like chess would actually be fair (especially for black) if each player didnt know the first move.

    Start the game declaring your first move either on paper or to the judge, and let chess be played from there.

    I feel like chess would entirely be fair and infinitely more interesting if neither player know which line will come out. When white plays e4 you pretty much cut the available lines in half and pick from e4 lines.

    Imagine the first pre-move for white is d4 and blacks first pre-move is a response to an e4. Or even more interesting, a super uncommon and random move most people would never prepare for. Now chess is played with more instinct than preparation and memory.

    You’d end up with more seldomly played and less optimized lines, as well as the need to know main lines.

  27. hey, I love your videos, could you possibly do one on the stafford gambit if you haven't already?

  28. I prefer to only move my knights until I don't have any knights. They'll never see it coming.

  29. This is one of the very best videos you’ve ever done, Levi!!
    Awesome work, man!!!

  30. When thinking about openings, it's good to look at those that will actually be played. Thinking "the benko gambit is great, I am going to study the hell outta it" is totally sound (it's a great opening). But if you then get to play it once every 200 games…meh

  31. Why can’t they just take your d4

  32. Excellent video! After learning these 8 openings i went from 660 to 1920 elo!

  33. The Scandinavian trap doesn't work due to 8. … Kf6 or am I missing something?

  34. I’ve improved my game so much in the past few weeks! Thanks man

  35. I have a friend who I often play against and the Tal is his favourite opening in chess. It's the only recommendation you made i knew even slightly about. Thanks

  36. Crazy practical openings with great explanation of the moves available 👏… Superb video thank you I never thought I would learn so much 😀

  37. Isn't that the guy who lost to a 1100 player? Then the best openings are any opening but the 8 he's showing here. Red thumb.

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