Top 6 Checkmate TRAPS | Chess Opening Tricks to Win Fast

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the top 6 highly effective chess opening traps that lead to a quick checkmate. These traps work both against beginners and advanced-level opponents.

► Chapters

00:00 Top 6 Quick Checkmate Traps
00:09 Trap-1 against the Dutch Defense
00:56 Trap-2 in Two Knights Defense, Ponziani-Steinitz Gambit
02:53 Trap-3 in Two Knights Defense, Fritz Variation
04:00 Trap-4 in Ponziani Opening
06:09 Trap-5 in Rousseau Gambit (Italian Game)
07:35 Trap-6 against Sicilian Defense (Sveshnikov)
09:03 Puzzle of the day: Can you find the win?

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  1. You know what……thank you (me that has been brought this far in the game by you)

  2. I needed that trap against the Dutch! Thanks for another great video GM.

  3. Trapping your opponent usually doesn't work and leaves you with a worse position / material than if you just played your usual game.

  4. Qxd4, Nxd4 due to threat against rook with check, Nf6+, Kf8, Bh6#

  5. Sac the Queen with 1. Qxd4 and if …Nxd4, then boom…
    2. Nf6+ – Kf8 and 3. Bh6#

  6. Qxd4 if knight takes then knight f6+ after King moves bh6 checkmate

    2nd option if king castles instead then knight g4+ discovered check knight takes and then knight h6+ king moves and then bf6 checkmate

  7. Bro sneaked magnus and tinder at the same time 😃

  8. Queen sacrifice: Qxd4. If Nxd4, then Nf6+ and after Kf8 Bh6#. After Qxe4 there are few other options: nxd5 does not work because of Qxh8#. After o-o Nf6+ Kh8 Nh6+ and after Nxd4 or f6 Bf6#. Qxd4 f5 (even f6) Qh8+ Kf7 Qf6+ and white looses, too

  9. I really have no interest in quick mates. But this was great fun and for the first time, I understood everything a split second earlier than told. Thanks

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