Top 5 Most Underrated Chess Openings

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Top 5 Most Underrated Chess Openings

Learn to Play the Old Benoni Defense –
Learn to Play the Bird’s Opening –
Learn to Play the Owen’s Defense –
Learn to Play the Ponziani Opening –
Learn to Play the Crab Opening –

0:00 – Introduction
0:16 – Old Benoni Defense
3:45 – Bird’s Opening
4:59 – Owen’s Defense
6:43 – Crab Opening
8:28 – Ponziani Opening

There are many strong chess openings for chess players of all levels. However, some are more popular than other’s. For white, the most popular chess openings are the Queen’s Gambit and Ruy Lopez. While, for black, the most popular are the Sicilian Defense and French Defense. However, there are some chess openings that are just as good but not as popular. Why is this important? Your opponent will never have opening theory prepared for the chess openings play against them. By playing rare but dangerous chess openings, you make the opponent think for itself, where chess strategy can win you games quickly. My top most 5 underrated chess openings of all time are the Old Benoni Defense, Bird’s Opening, Owen’s Defense, Ponziani Opening, and Crab Opening. Each of these are rare, but use good chess opening strategy, chess opening theory, chess opening moves, chess opening ideas, chess opening tricks, chess opening traps, chess opening principles, and secret checkmate strategy. The Old Benoni Defense is a strong response against d4, dynamic and aggressive in style. Many hate playing against d4 because things tend to be boring and slow. However, by playing the Old Benoni Defense, black aggressively fights for the win. The Bird’s Opening is a reverse Dutch Defense, but with an extra tempo. Many go against the Bird’s Opening for being too passive or slow, but with the Bird’s Opening, we use good chess opening strategy to gain a slight advantage in the middlegame every time. The Owen’s Defense has been played by Magnus Carlsen multiple times to his success against elite chess grandmaster competition. The Owen’s Defense is a surprisingly aggressive and dangerous chess opening for black against e4. Most e4 players are preparing for openings like e5, the Pirc Defense, Scandinavian Defense, French Defense, Caro-Kann Defense, and Sicilian Defense. However, most e4 players are not spending any time at all against the Owen’s Defense. Playing b6 the first move definitely doesn’t seem very threatening, but as Magnus Carlsen has showed, the Owen’s Defense has huge potential. We next have the Ponziani Opening, and usually white will go into a Giuoco Piano, Ruy Lopez, Three Knights Variation, Italian Game, Scotch Game, Evan’s Gambit, Fried Liver Attack, or Scotch Gambit. However, there is a rare but strong chess opening for white in the Ponziani Opening. This chess opening prepares a d4 push, fighting for the center of the board, and use basic chess opening principles to gain an advantage in the opening. The Ponziani Opening is my favorite chess opening for white, and it has some dangerous potential. The last chess opening we cover is the Crab Opening, which starts off with a4 and h4. How on earth could two moves like this be underrated? These moves might look terrible, but with perfect play for white, we should look to keep the position closed, develop the pieces, and find counterplay at the right moment. We hope you enjoy learning the chess strategy, chess theory, chess moves, chess ideas, chess tricks, chess tips, chess principles, secret checkmate strategy, and chess traps with all of these chess openings.

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  1. The Crab is like the new Grob, because you'll beat the people that say "Oh, easy point.", but they haven't studied it, because it's anti- theory, heresy, whatevahh! Then you get 'em.
    Thanks, Solomon.

  2. I'm a 1.f4 player so I'm glad to see it on the list! Its great cause it takes a lot of people out of their comfort zone and you can usually get your natural set-up every game. I also love playing the dutch defense for the same reason. As long as you can handle the From/Staunton gambits you can get some great attacking games! Had a recent success with the Swiss gambit thanks to your video on that opening, so thanks for that also πŸ™‚

  3. Hi, good content! If you take request, I'd love to see a video on the Queen's Indian.

  4. So fast, I couldn’t follow it πŸ™ˆ Do you do beginner friendly videos?

  5. Do you have
    Top 5 most underrated gambit

  6. wow, great content on your channel! very clear & videos aren't too long which helps to digest all the useful stuff πŸ™‚ as a returning player this is so helpful, cheers!

  7. Bird's Opening is lethal and has surprising depth. I love to hear players trash it and I hope it always remains unpopular so I can keep winning games with it. And as far as the Ponziani goes, I've had great success as black in rapid pushing 3..f5. I'm sure there's a refutation somewhere against this counter-gambit but I haven't come across it yet. Ponziani players never expect it

  8. So I was searching for a new opening as I always use the common e4 which everyone knows how to counter, and when you introduced me to the crab opening I was so confused, but now I find it hilarious as no common player would generally know how to defend that. Thanks!

  9. Most underrated openings and chess channel. So sad i havent spotted this earlier

  10. I've just destroyed a 700 elo player with the crab

  11. I'm glad to see the Old Benoni on this list after watching your "Top 10 responses to 1.d4"

  12. I was with you until you rolled out the crab, lol.

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