Top 5 Chess Openings by Magnus Carlsen || GRENKE Chess 2020

Enjoy a selection of the Top 5 chess openings by world chess champion Magnus Carlsen at the GRENKE Chess tournaments in Karlsruhe and Baden-Baden!

0:00 Top secret chess footage of Magnus and Henrik Carlsen
01:01 English Opening
03:36 Sicilian Defense
05:57 Benoni Defense
08:14 Magnus Carlsen Special Variation
10:21 Kings Indian Defense

Magnus Carlsen has been the chess world champion for almost 7 years. He is the undisputed number one in the current era of chess! Enjoy his top chess opening insights.

For this video we used a chess board powered by chess24.

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  1. What is your favorite Magnus Carlsen chess opening?

  2. this is all very soothing and very calming footage. chess asmr, almost. the pressing of the clock is so satisfying and the way the players move their pieces right on the center of the square. some good stuff.

  3. Really cool 😎 to get an autograph in the beginning :). Thank you for the high quality footage.

  4. Nice Video. 👍🏿👍🏾👍🏽👍🏼👍🏻👍♟🤳

  5. The first minute ist the perfect opener for this video. Thumbs up!

  6. Nice selection of opening scenes with the world champion. Cool compilation 👍

  7. Why they still write the moves to paper when we have the camera??

  8. if they made a keyboard that sounded like the pressing of that chess board

  9. Wow Magnus Carlsen Special Variation… very interesting

  10. Honestly i just go with the gueens gambit invitation

  11. warum müssen die Spieler selbst alles händisch mitschreiben?

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