Top 5 BEST Chess Openings for Beginners

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Learn these chess openings in detail

🔹 5) Bishop’s Opening –
🔹 4) Scandinavian Defense –
🔹 3) The London System –
🔹 2) The Englund Gambit:
🔹1) The Rousseau Gambit:

📥 Download the PGN of these chess openings from this blog-post –

In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will talk about the top 5 chess openings for beginners, intermediates, and amateur level chess players. These openings are for both White and Black side and gives a solid position.

Most of these openings have some aggressive variations and can give a solid position for you. These variations will surprise your opponents and they also come with some deadly traps that gives you a huge material advantage or checkmates your opponent immediately!

► Chapters

00:00 Top 5 BEST Chess Openings for Beginners
00:07 5) Bishop’s Opening for White
01:09 Trap in Aggressive Variation 5.f4
02:34 4) Scandinavian Defense for Black
03:31 Icelandic Gambit 3…e6
04:54 3) London System for White
06:39 2) Englund Gambit, Blackburne–Hartlaub Gambit
08:07 Active position for Black
09:17 1) Italian Game, Rousseau gambit
10:58 Tip: Remember to play this move

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  1. Wish i could find a good one against e4 thats not theory heavy…

  2. Hi, dear Igor . I live in Iran. Is it possible that I can buy your educational packages from inside Iran?

  3. Thanks Igor. I will try out your no 1 opening asap!

  4. sometimes i think all of these are worthless to know cause no one i my league develops pieces the minute i bring out the bishop they advance a pawn and attack its lame asf honestly i watch these and get so hype like whos smart ass thought of that then i go to apply it no of it matters literally none of it lol cause no one plays defense the way you show if they see a attack or anything the instantly stop caring about development n start the charade of random pawn attacks

  5. All are fine, the last one is the strongest, hence it's no. 1.

  6. Saved the video. I'll have to remove some of those!

  7. What is the best possible move for white to avoid the trap

  8. I have won using the Rousseau Gambit as well as the fourth one which is similar to the Stafford Gambit. Very helpful! I have increased my rating because of your tips. I realize deeper study in combination with knowledge of traps is very powerful tool for victory.

  9. Thank you my friend. I've brought my chess score up dramatically since I've studied and practiced some of your previous openings etc,etc. I really appreciate you my man .💯

  10. I had heard that the Cordell gambit is not just objectively but also practically bad. I guess you're just straight up denying it then? I'm interested in surprise weapons

  11. Great, , clear, decissive and very helpful to put in action!

  12. Opening No. 1 has been a really fun element to add to the repertoire as most players (at my modest level) are, as you suggest, completely unprepared for it. So thanks again for the inspiring work!

  13. I tried the No.1 opening – Rousseau Gambit and totally surprised my opponent who lost easily. Thanks for the tips in the video. You are truly a knight in shining armor holding the flame of wisdom in the darkness of chess labyrinths.

  14. no# 3 is my go to and I have won many games with it….thanks Granmaster

  15. Against the Scandinavian White could surprise you with the Blackmar-Diemer 😛

  16. "Don't try this at home" HAHAHAHA Igor 🙂

  17. What if knight goes to g2 before the final move?

  18. Glad I came upon your channel. I think it’s my favorite now. You are crushing it. Thank you

  19. I'm a beginner. I'm a complete noob but I do have 1 tip because I started playing Blitz 10 min chess and it's very difficult, I found it much easier to play 30 min games and have time to think and analyse and I felt like I was finally learning something about the game instead of just making stupid mistakes because of time and not really learning anything. Most people still play fairly quickly I find.

  20. What if black capture white's horse on G1 (1:24 min)? What would be a nice continuation for white then, since they cannot castle king-side?

  21. Very smart, informative and straightforward this is the first video I’ve ever seen of yours. Instantly subscribed, keep up the great videos!

  22. Back to chess after a brief, 50 year layoff. These videos by GM Smirnov are invaluable. I may still be hopeless but a lot less hopeless than before watching them. Thank you!

  23. I agree to some previous comments that this is a great video for beginners like myself, but on the other hand, it also, to some extent, scary as well ….. imagine you play against strong players or chess masters, they will crush you anytime even though you seems to play normal sensible moves

  24. I have just very recently started and have been accidentally playing the Bishops opening for a few games now without knowing it and enjoying success with it

  25. for the scandinavian defense after black plays knight to F6, white could play bishop to B5 putting black in check.

  26. in the last metod, how can you defend the D5 move of the bishop attacking the pawn in the early game?

  27. Trying to start my chess career and this is gonna be the first video i see about it

  28. for Bishops opening, once knight has the queen/rook fork, once queen moves to h5, wouldn't pawn to g6 be smarter than castling? you don't give up the checkmate, and you force the queen to move, giving up the position, and even if a pawn trade occurs, queen is still in jeopardy of bring taken….

  29. TIL "Icelandic Gambit" is a thing. Is that when a kooky, avant-garde pop singer comes out from the chess board and sings "Big Time Sensuality"??

  30. What I've noticed about chess is newbies will always play the most unexpected moves.

  31. I’m the end of bishop’s opening before checkmate, black can play Be3 preventing the queen to go to g5. Is there any solution to prevent black’s bishop going to e3?

  32. What if in the Rousseau, they defend with pawn d3? I’ve played it a few times and end up doing pretty well, except against that. I usually bring out the bishop and take the easy check, but things go a bunch of different ways after that.

  33. I just played it today and I did shotgun. They didn’t know what to do and I just went for it. Thank you.

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