Top 10 Traps in the Queen’s Gambit | Chess Opening Tricks to Win Fast, Best Moves, Tactics & Ideas

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In this chess video, you will learn the 10 most beautiful traps in the Queen’s Gambit. There are various chess opening tricks, strategies, gambits, moves, tactics and ideas that you can use to win fast. Here, I will show you 5 traps for the black pieces, and then 5 traps to play as white. There are many variations in the Queen’s Gambit. This video is a tutorial on the best traps in the most popular variations like the accepted line, the declined variation, the Albin countergambit, the Slav defense & the Schara gambit. The objective is that you don’t fall for these opening traps & use these tactics to gain an early advantage against your opponent. If you’re a beginner or an intermediate level player, these secret tips and tricks will help you to win chess games against your friends & other players who have not seen such traps before. I also have an interesting chess puzzle at the end of this video, let’s see if you can solve that.
Video Chapters:
0:00 Queen’s Gambit Traps – Introduction
0:18 Trap #1 for Black
1:57 Trap #2 for Black
2:46 Trap #3 for Black
3:27 Trap #4 for Black
5:03 Trap #5 for Black
5:57 About Blinkist
7:19 Trap #6 for White
8:45 Trap #7 for White
11:18 Trap #8 for White
13:17 Trap #9 for White
14:37 Trap #10 for White
15:55 Chess Puzzle

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  1. I was just another video of chess talk right now

  2. I am early 🙂 Join the early gang here—

  3. Any weird openings for white and their counters for black?
    Like vampire gambit?

  4. DarkShuraki{P͓̽H͓̽}𝙾𝚏𝚏𝚒𝚌𝚒𝚊𝚕YT™ says:

    Nice vid Chess talk

  5. Hello Advani, I really like your vids to improve your plays in chess 👍

  6. Queens gambit or Kings Gambit?
    Which one is better?

  7. When Chess talk sir says he's gone. 🤣😁
    The first trap was so good 🙂

  8. Sir my name is jayanth
    My opponent is exchanging bishops with my horses and destroying my pawn structures is there any trap to save my pawn structures

  9. Thank you sir 🤩These are really useful Traps….

  10. I got a 🏆 in chess….this is because of your Traps and strategies…. once again Thank you so much sir🤗🤗🤗

  11. Thank you Advani! I appreciate your videos and they help me get better!

  12. DarkShuraki{P͓̽H͓̽}𝙾𝚏𝚏𝚒𝚌𝚒𝚊𝚕YT™ says:

    My Traps slowy improving for watching Chess Talk
    Thank you Chess Talk 😁😇

  13. Finally a trap video ‼️ been waiting for it since ages‼️ btw congratulations for 1M ChessTalk…hope you excel more and more

  14. Brilliant as always Jeetendra ❤️🔥

  15. Awesome man, best online chess tutor ever !!

  16. BG8 is the winning move.
    After BG8 , if queen takes the bishop, ypu simply take rook and pin the queen. If he doesnt take bishop and takes our rook, we simply play QH7 checkmate.

  17. 1:39..😂😂😂and destroy the king..😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Bg8 is the best move I think
    If he takes the bishop with the queen then rook pins the queen, and if queen does not take then white Queen gives him a checkmate

  19. Here stunning move bishop g8 bishop sacrifice because he or she doesn't take next move checkmate so he or her take with queen or king then he or she is gone we take rook and he or she take with queen after we take the sweetz is gone and we have active queen and rook

  20. Hey I think I have solved the puzzle sir bg8 if qxg8 then rook captured rook it's a beautiful pin therefore if taken by queen it's a stunning check mate sir is the answer correct Iam 11 year old

  21. I always play queens gambit in black but don't know any trap but now I know 5 traps in queens gambit. Thank you so much

  22. The beast Indian chess video creator is back ✨

  23. I won a state level tournament because of you sir

  24. Puzzle Solution—>
    1 Bg8 (Idea to checkmate with Qh7 next move)
    To prevent it-
    If 1 Kxg8 , Rxd8
    And the queen is gone because of pin.
    If 1 Qxg8 , Rxd8
    2 Bf8 (blocking the pin) , Qxf6+
    3 Kh7 , R2d7+
    4 Qg7 , Rxg7
    5 Bxg7 ,Og6#

  25. Because of your videos i am improving a lot my chess is improved by 198 points
    From 726 to 924

  26. Hi sir I started playing Chess in my 8yrs old one day l saw your video i like it very much your explanation is very clear thank you so much sir

  27. Bg8!! The threat is Qh7 and Rxd8, if the d8 rook moves away, Qh7#. If Kxg8, then Rxd8, and the Queen is gone, but what if Qxg8? Rxd8, If Qxd8, then Rxd8 is winning for white. If Bf8, then Qc8 adding more pressure to the f8 bishop… if Kg7, then R1d7+ Forces either Qf7, Kg8, or Kh8… If Qf7, then we simply grab the queen, and go, if The king moves, then Rxf8, and the Queen is gone…

  28. Answer to puzzle-
    The correct answer is Bishop to g8. Well, the idea is simple sacrifices bishop to win the rook on the d file. No matter whatever our opponent captures it will lose the queen taking the rook on d8. If doesn't then Queen to h7 is mate.

  29. Thank you sir. Due to you I have won lost of matches with friends and online random players.

  30. Puzzle Answer

    We start with 1. Bg8, with a double attack. We are threatening Qh7# as well as picking up the rook on d8. Black can play 1…Qxg8, after which we will play 2. Rxd8, pinning the queen. White has a winning advantage. If 1…Kxg8 then 2. Rxd8 and it's the same scenario: the queen is gone.

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