Top 10 Traps in the Lucchini Gambit | Chess Opening Tricks, Moves, Strategy & Tactics to Win Fast

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In this chess video, you will learn top 10 crazy traps in the Lucchini Gambit. There are various chess opening tricks, strategies, gambits, moves, tactics and ideas that you can use to win fast. We’ll look at the most beautiful traps for black (infact, in one of the variations, you can win in 8 moves), and also the best strategy for white to avoid falling for these traps. There are many variations in the Lucchini Gambit & it can also be reached via Rousseau gambit from the Italian Game (Giuoco Piano). This video is a tutorial on the best traps for black pieces in the most popular variations, and refutation for white pieces. The objective is that you don’t fall for these opening traps & use these tactics to gain an early advantage against your opponent. If you’re a beginner or an intermediate level player, these secret tips and tricks will help you in winning chess games against your friends & other players who have not seen such traps before. I also have an interesting chess puzzle at the end of this video, let’s see if you can solve that.

Video Chapters:
0:00 Lucchini Gambit Traps for Black
0:34 Chess Trap #1
0:57 Chess Trap #2
1:36 Chess Trap #3
1:48 Chess Trap #4
2:18 Chess Trap #5
2:45 Chess Trap #6
3:25 Chess Trap #7
3:49 Protect your privacy
4:55 Summary (Main line)
5:18 Chess Trap #8
5:43 Chess Trap #9
6:10 Chess Trap #10
7:22 Best Strategy for White
8:43 Chess Puzzle

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  1. I like your very much
    Your traps are very good

  2. How are the points given please explain sir🙏🙏

  3. can you please make a video for double knights mate

  4. To ham khodeto ba tabligh gaeidi ha eshgham😂😂😂…. koon e vaaroone nade azizam va Mesle bacheye adam clip besaz…😜😜 vagar,na ye zang be koon konaye hendoostan mizanam ke begiranet va taa hadde marg bokonanet khoshkelam🙏🙏🙏
    Thank's a lot…

  5. Your English is so impressing, you have treasure of vocabularies

    I mostly watch or mostly parts of your videos watch because of your English

    By your videos my chess skill enhance or not but surely my English improves a lot

  6. Chesstalk can you make another vídeo which has composition from Otto Blathy or vídeo about a Chess game from the past or vídeo about best openings for intermidiate players

  7. Plsss can somebody tell me
    What to do after opening
    I successfully play opening the London opening but i dont know how to think after that 🤦

  8. व्हाट विल हैपन इफ नॉट वर्क

  9. Hello.
    Solution to puzzle: Rd8+ Qxd8 Qe6+ Kh7 Rxh6+ gxh6 Qf7#

  10. What a trap i play against a online player he"s checkmated

  11. Puzzle- 👑 at b3
    Correct me, if I'm wrong

  12. Thank you jeteendra sir , this will help me to be more careful , also we can exchange the blck bishops as white right sir? It will reduce many threats right?

  13. Can you put exchange variation of ruy lopez

  14. Jitendra, please do a video regarding endgame…i need an insight in endgame

  15. Can you show us more variations in this opening?
    Bro I played over 10-15 games but most of the time people just capture the f5 pawn,
    And most of the time they just play different moves,

  16. Hi Sir , Can you tell me How to get Sponsor for me ? I'm learning chess now . Willing to participate in tournament

  17. You explain very complex moves in a very easy manner which is very beneficial for chess learners.

  18. in first opening instead of castling he can move g3

  19. When white plays h3 ,we can play Qg3 right?

  20. These moves are very aggressive, thank you for the insight you have given me.🙏

  21. 8.32 of your video u say bishop(white) has no place to move what if it produces an attack to the king (check) ? What do I do from there lol

  22. Rook D8+, queen takes, Qe6+, king has to move and then sac the rook and find the mate on f7, took me 2-3 minutes but not as hard as thought

  23. Sir plzz make a video on if opponent follows our moves as same how to checkmate that opponent

  24. I've reached 2500 rating only because of you sir thank you so much
    And plz reply what's your chess rating?

  25. Sir what should black play if white bb4 and next move it takes knight b*c3

  26. Rd8+ Qxd8 Qe6+ Kh7 Rxh6 Gxh6 Qf7#
    Amazing Checkmate

  27. Can you show some variations in scotch for both, specially white

  28. Oh, man, this content is very useful to play bullet and blitz! Thanks for this awesome content!

  29. Can you Please give us some book recommendations for beginners …….🙏🙏

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