Top 10 Most Popular Responses to 1. d4 | Chess Openings Explained

Jonathan Schrantz counts down and identifies the most common black moves against white’s Queen Pawn opening. Basic principles are explained for each response.

1:10 Queen’s Gambit Accepted
5:16 Trompowsky Attack
12:09 Dutch Defence
16:44 Grünfeld Defence
25:46 Queen’s Indian Defense
30:30 Benoni Defense
37:36 Semi-Slav Defense
44:58 Nimzo-Indian Defence
48:23 Queen’s Gambit Declined
51:36 King’s Indian Defence


  1. Haha and what if I simply take d4:c5 on 30:47 , what would you play then? Why does Black blunder a pawn?

  2. great! can you make a video for top 10 responses to c4?

  3. Great lecture! Much needed! Thank you, Jon!

  4. Thanks for this, although wouldn't it make more sense to start with the most popular response and work down to the 10th? That way you can take more time to be thorough with the responses players are most likely to see and rush the rarer situations if you over-run (rather than vice versa).

  5. Well, "Most White people…" XD perfect mistake

  6. Jonathan I would be very pleased if you would create a would bunch of series about French Defense!

  7. I'm shocked that the QGA and the Tromp are more popular than the mainline Slav.

  8. Please do a video on 1d4 Nf6 with it explained I have seen Bobby Fischer playing this a lot

  9. This channel is awesome keep up the good work

  10. Great videos!
    I would love to see a similar video for c4.
    Waiting for 'Top 10 Most Popular Responses to 1. c4 | Chess Openings Explained'.

  11. Nimzo-Indian is good, but 0:12 is by far the best opening on this video.

  12. Trompowsky cannot be listed as an answer to 1.d4

  13. why does noone play the grunfeld. I considered it more popular than KID. And I thought the most popular way is QGD

  14. I have been playing ELO 2050 with computer i am not at all winning I can't figuring out what is going wrong

  15. I'd like to see a video on the Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack if possible. Thanks!

  16. Please explain Trompowsky Attack including its edge variation….

  17. I love the Dutch! So aggressive and crazy.

  18. Can you shut the door please? internal raging intensifes

  19. Thank you! I haven't played much since I was a teenager and I have renewed interest for the game. I found your material really useful and I'm really enjoying it. Your voice is great, you're interesting and kind. Those 2 top 10 for e4 and d4 are really helpful as I want a more formal understanding of openings. I'm also watching your semi-slav marathon, really great stuff. It's the first time I find watching videos to learn something is not a waste of my time. Thanks for taking the time to do this and for taking your time with the semi-slav! Take care!

  20. Great video thank you. By the way whoever came in late and then didn't even close the door behind them, you're the problem.

  21. i want to thank you for your show. i dont know why this channel is not more popular. this is an excellent education in chess.

  22. Great video, but a little disappointed not to see any coverage of the KID Saemisch Variation. Also, it feels like the London System has become very popular in the last 10 years. White players seem to favour it, since it can be played against both 1…d5 and 1…Nf6

  23. i think knight 1. N f3 would be very useful aswell

  24. Is this the right place to make a suggestion? I'd love to see a SLCC video on the Blackmar-Diemer or the Traxler 🙂

  25. hello i just discovered this channel. You seem to be reading comments on your videos. I would love to see a video like this covering very uncommon openings you could play as white. I do not mean crazy gambits or instant winning combinations, but just openings that can take the opponent by surprise, like u randomly play 1.a3 and it does not actually turn out so bad for some reason. if there are videos like this already i apologise for beeing unable to use the search function.

  26. i was first place in a tournament last night UNTIL i faced d4……smh…..and got smashed……in the chigorin variation 🙁

  27. Ugh… fianchetto. It's not "fee-uhn-CHET-toe," it's "fee-ahn-KET-toe." Also, bruschetta is not "broo-SHET-ta," it's "broo-SKET-tah." (I know he didn't say that word, but it's one of my many pet peeves. Yes, I'm very anal and need help — that's beside the point — but Italian is not a hard language to pronounce correctly.) But I did love his humming of the intro at the beginning. How many of us do that whenever we watch these SLCC videos? OK, that's all.

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