titled players on the worst openings in chess

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  1. King's, Englund and Pirc are in my experience some of the strongest openings you can play at under 1000 elo. Obviously for masters it's a different story

  2. I will not count how many times I try to open with a kingside fiancetto and mouse slip into a grob. It makes me so mad

  3. The kings gambit is underrated a really good opening imo

  4. Pirc 😭😭. I’m 1800. That’s the only opening I’ve studied extensively

  5. Worst defense for black is french defense

  6. anna took half of Alex interview time lol

  7. Worst for white : bongcloud
    Worst for black: bongcloud

  8. Idk tbh irl AB is lowkey aka GOAT fr bruh omg lol smh

  9. The cow opening is the worst opening seriously

  10. GM Grandelius: King's Gambit is the worst
    Hikaru: proceeds to play it against Magnus

  11. B3 😂😂😂indian beast😂😂😂

  12. Worst opening for white and black is the mighty botez gambit

  13. Worst opening for white birds eye opening. Worst defence for black Pircs defence

  14. me who only knows queen's gambit

    i was just improvising when i get tired of that, hahaha and lost coz of that. don't improvise opening kids, learn the proper ones

  15. Anna: I don’t know opening names
    Meanwhile Anna a few seconds later: Oh The Grob!

  16. The bad gambit, I'm a specialist in this and its variations, like the Queen sacrifice.

  17. Ok but I mean that's just like… their opinion…

  18. I expected hikaru being there in this short saying king's indian for black, now that computers are there to ruin our life to make us play optimally, the king's indian so sub-optimal and recommended in low-mid elo environment only

  19. I play the Hippo for black against all White openings and I do very well with it

  20. It is amazing how Aryan knows the proper pronounciation for Pirc.

  21. The Barnes is the other worst for white (1. f3) and the opposites are worse for black, 1. g5 (the borg) and 1. f6.

  22. The grob one is the best. Aqui é grobeiro porra! RafgaChess

  23. I thought damiano defense was the worst for black…

  24. And there's Robert Ramirez who destroys even the botez with pirc defense🔥

  25. I officially dislike Anna for hating my favorite offbeat opening.

  26. The fact that I used to play the pirc fr got me feeling different

  27. Id say the worst openings are f4 and for black the Scandinavian. The e4 course by GothamChess really shows how to destroy the folks playing the Scandinavian. Now I win every game against the Scandinavian.

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