This Opening Is Extremely POWERFUL (especially for Blitz)

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares one of his favorite chess openings for White, the Bishop’s Opening, which arises after the moves 1.e4 e5 2.Bc4.

He reveals a secret line that will help you develop a powerful attack against your opponent, especially effective in blitz games.

► Chapters

00:00 Bishop’s Opening, Aggressive Variation for White
01:02 5.f4, Vienna Hybrid, Spielmann Attack
01:57 1) If Black plays 5…Ng4
03:32 Devastating kingside attack
05:21 2) If Black plays 5…Nc6
08:00 Stockfish recommendation for Black
09:52 If Black plays fxg6
10:57 Funniest chess puzzle
12:35 Can you find the winning move?

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  1. excellent! By the way in the funny puzzle you push your pawn forward to h6 and whatever the opponent do next, you advance your king and then you will have mate in 1 with your rook

  2. What if black moves bishop to f2 (check) rather than night to f2 after white advances pond to f5?

  3. @GMIgorSmirov website is not working on checkout page. Can you please look into this?

  4. Was indeed a very helpful video and great opening. Just won a game with a nice checkmate

  5. Hello from Argentina. I use it in the local chess in Torre Blanca to avoid the Falkenbeer countergambit in the King´s Gambit because when I do Bc4 and Nc3, I control d5 and I can transpose to the King´s Gambit without the Falkenbeer.

  6. Thank you Igor Sir to mention Indian students 😍 Very Happy New Year 🎉

  7. puzzle:
    1. Rxf8+, Kxf8 -> Rf1+, Kg8 -> h6,gxh6 -> Ke7, Kg7 -> M3
    2. Rxf8+, Kxf8 -> Rf1+, Kg8 -> h6,g5 -> Ke7 (Ke8), then its M1
    thats the best i can do. :p

  8. That thumbnail is hilarious!😂
    I wouldn't want mr. smirnov to be advertised as a clown like some wild chess players…eg Gothamchess, but it's pretty wholesome and old-fashioned in a sense of some way.

  9. Puzzle…Ke7, black makes any move, Rf8 checkmate

  10. That last puzzle I would def never see in an actual game but as soon as I heard hilarious first move, it was easy and I almost saw the idea from the distance before becauee obviously the first move to calculate is Rxf8+ and idk, just delulu, but thanks

  11. Happy new year for you grand master igor smirnov & all of "igor nation". May god accpet our wishes for peace & prosperity.

  12. H6 followed by Ke7 with an intention to play Rg1# (if gxh6) or Rf7 if he doesn’t. Black doesn’t have a defence.the main idea is to close the h file.

  13. Saludos from Cali Colombia. Is there any need to worry if black plays Qf4+ after pf5?

  14. The move is pawn to h6 no matter what he play we do king to e7 and rook to g1 mate

  15. it's like the lucchini gambit but with white 😂

  16. Rh8 Rxh8 Rf1+ Kg8 Ke8 g6 h6
    netxt move mate

  17. 3:46 why king castle it can move the g7 pawn. Actually this type of moves destroy our tactics and we lean towards hope chess and lose games. I tried ruy Lopez variation but very little time got advantaged and players have reply to ruy Lopez so don't get carried away and play accordingly ❤

  18. No spoilers – I got the first move of the puzzle – but it is tricky to prove the mate pattern plus find the best counter-move if black sacrifices material in order to stop the two passed pawns.

  19. Merci pour tout ton enseignement pour cette année 2023 et bon réveillon pour une bonne année 2024 pour toutes ta famille ❤❤❤🎉

  20. Solution: h6
    If: gxh6, then ke7, no matter what black moves, rg1 follow-up will be mate.
    If: g6, then ke7 just the same, no matter what black moves, rf8 follow-up will be mate.
    If: black makes any other move, then ke7 just the same, and no matter what black does, either rf8 or rg1 will be mate.

  21. A great video to end 2023 would love to start 2024 with a French Sicilian crash course maybe?

  22. Thank you very much its a game changer for me!!🎉🎉

  23. Hello GM Smirnov, I have to disagree with your move Rh8 on the puzzle. Here is the quickest straight line that I see for white to win:
    Rxf8+ Kxf8
    Rf1+ Black King has to move Kg8
    Ke7 g6
    h6 Black moves any piece, doesn't matter…

    Thank you for all the great content. I used to play the Italian but now only play Bishop's opening. Happy New Year!

  24. What happens if on move 5 black plays …Bg4 attacking white's queen instead of 5. …Nc6?

  25. Hey, Igor Nation. Would you ever consider playing some of your openings against volunteers (maybe subscribers) and talking us through your thought process? I think that would make for a great series amd some awesome content!

  26. Happy new year Mr. Smirnov. Great channel.

  27. This works checkmate confirmed 😂! Love this man’s channel. I turned on notifications just to win more games! Biggest problem I face now in 800-1200 is pawn to D4 while I’m playing as black. On my way to grandmaster

  28. Move is Rh8 rxh8 Rf1 kg8 h6 then rook checks/checkmates and white king inches forward to deliver checkmate

  29. This looks like rousseau gambit for white

  30. r xf8 check,kxf8+ rf1 check,kg8+ ke7,if black move pg6+white move ph6,so black mate in one move

  31. Nice puzzle. As wild as Rh8 is, both it and h6 aren't that hard to find once you hit on the theme, entombing the king.

    I always enjoy your videos.

  32. what if black went bg4 instead of ng4? do i just block with the knight?

  33. No sir. You do not get to use the term "horsing around" when talking about a N. This is your first and last warning. Do not horse around like that ever again. Please and thank you.

  34. The funny part is, I was able to solve the chess puzzle up until where you stopped. I see Ke7, but if black pushes a pawn, the king can escape.

    Edit: Oh, you have to push the h pawn before ke7. I read another comm…I mean I solved it all by myself.

  35. That is a nice position, one side of the board is simplified, both side want to castle king side, perhaps white might not as it has the initiative still.

  36. Happy New year our dear coach , and thanks a lot for great lessons which helped me much to improve my chess level ❤❤

  37. This is Viena opening, just coming via bishop opening move order.

  38. If I play f4 and my opponent Just capture my knight on g8 then what😅😅😅

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