The WORST Chess Opening!!

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  1. I feel like he doesnt like the opening too much, just a hunch

  2. You should do a video on most annoying openings…

  3. Don't let his tilt deceive you. The opening had little to do with it. Not taking the bishop was just bad defense. I don't actually know how one studies defense, but I recall a Finegold lecture where he said something to the effect of: find out which pieces are causing you problems and trade/block them. Something like that applies here. Pretty funny clip, though.

  4. +5 and having a meltdown….
    I see myself in Levy

  5. It's funny, I just recently watched the video where Yasser says his favorite gambit is the benko gambit because it sneaks up on you

  6. My doctor said I need to cut back on the sodium intake. I guess I'll just die now.

  7. Levy is losing +5 positions. GM prospects are shaky.

  8. I guess cuz the world championship got a break for a day Levy thinks he can get one, SIKE wheres my content man haha

  9. This is exactly how how I (900 elo) feel, so relatable Levy

  10. That's it. Levy has just gone completely mental. It was to be expected.

  11. Fully agree. Always struggled against it even though white shouldn't. I've had rants just like that after a Benko game.

  12. I'm trying to imagine Magnus Carlsen being 200 ELO points worse than he is and deciding to launch a chess chanel on YT to provide revenue. It makes my brain hurt more than trying to beat him.

  13. Disliked. Just keeps saying "this opening" without telling what the opening is wth

  14. karthik venkataraman must be laughing his ass off at this rant LOL

  15. Undirectly related, but I just played despite a huge headache and it was a terrible decision.
    I played pretty much like that

  16. You dont need to be a GM when your this entertaining.

  17. secretly loves the opening, but feels betrayed

  18. Whenever he gets angry the Russian accent peeks through a bit

  19. These videos are actually a carefully considered propaganda campaign organised by Levy in order to lure his opponents into studying certain openings thinking they will beat Levy, only for him to have studies 30 moves of theory and completely crush them.

  20. Please someone play the Benko against Levy if he allows it in the next Win at Chess recording.

  21. Levy in his videos: 1000's don't know knights go backwards.
    Levy himself: 1:10

  22. LMFAO. I do not look for enjoyment from other people's bad times but Levy's meltdown was epic and he delivered some real funny lines. Good stuff

  23. I feel like I learned some things, but coming away from this video, I'm still not sure how he feels about the opening

  24. person: "why don't you study more?"

  25. You said so yourself if you just played normal moves you would have maintained a big advantage. Why hate on the opening in that case?

  26. Guys, i don’t think he likes this opening

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