The Vienna Game | Chess Openings Explained

Nick Risko teaches all about the Vienna Game in chess, 1.e4 e5 2.Nc3. See how to continue, including how to handle the Vienna Gambit.

C26 Vienna, Falkbeer variation
C25 Vienna game, Max Lange defence
C25 Vienna, Paulsen variation
C29 Vienna gambit, Paulsen attack


  1. I naturally open with this most games as white and know nothing about openings. I guess its time to learn how to make the most of it.

  2. Ummmm Ng4 also threatens fried liver so Bf2+ is bad


  4. This opening makes me wanna talk about a parents love in an orphanage

  5. Why didn’t you cover g6 in the copycat variation

  6. 23:19 black queen to b8 doesnt work anyalyst failrd to see this because of discoverrd double check is actualy checkmate

  7. 5:45 Why defend a pawn at all if it's attacked 3 times, that should be the question. Certainly not with weakening your structure in any way, that's just silly. You aren't defending the pawn in the first place.

  8. 21:56 there is a very interesting situation there. If Black doesn't capture the knight with the rook, instead moves the queen to e7, computer evaluation shows +2.2. However, the only moves that don't send the evaluation into negative territory are discovered check, then come back with the knight and repeat, basically resulting in a draw! How does White win from that position?

  9. 6:45 could you not just take the queen rather than the rook if it's on a dark square?

  10. 25:30 why don't you take with the knight? It would make a fork with the Queen and the rook. Knight can't be taken because of the bishop

  11. 6:34 Or you could do Bxc7+ And then next move Bxb6 to get you a queen

  12. Why he took the rock and pawn istead of the queen

  13. But I do advise engines have advance and there is better moves so if you wanna study this video use engines to find better moves

  14. When folks face me online in chess, as white, I open with the Vienna the most. It is easy to remember and the moves seem natural anyway. If I'm black and my opponent opens with the king's pawn, I play the Karo Cann. I just don't know a whole lot of openings.

  15. it's amazing how one seemingly small move can change the entire game

  16. i mean there was a mistake at 6:55 where he should've attacked queen with discovered check to win the queen

  17. Started using Vienna at 900 jumped straight to 1100

  18. Nice detailed presentation
    Steady pacing unlike some Youtubers that rush through lines

  19. That was super helpful, much thanks. I've been plateaued in the 1100s for a while now and looking to understand some other openings besides my routine Ruy Lopez, so this is helping me branch out and hopefully rank up.

  20. I'm also the same rating now wanting to learn the opening how did it turn out

  21. 2:00 Nf3 is forced as normal development allows Qh4+ with a decisive advantage for Black.

  22. 6:12 why is queen to e5 not an option here?

    Edit: now that I look at it again its probably cause the other option is much better

  23. at 6 min 30 sec in cant you just win the queen or am i missing something

  24. It’s crazy that 1 opening has this many variations and theory

  25. that line that begins around 20:55 when Black plays Ne5 and white sacs the queen is fascinating, I'd love to get that on the board. 2 rooks and 2 bishops vs a bad knight, bad queen and a rook would be a very wild middle/end game

  26. 3:02 is this not a missed opportunity to bishop b5 if they pawn to c6 bishop to c4 then most times I see pawn takes on e5 push pawn to d4 against almost always they take on d4 then bishop takes f4 of they're greedy and take knight on c3 bishop to e7 check if they take with king bye bye queeny if not you still have a ton of options including putting queen on e file moving knight up and discovery check while putting queeny in danger with knight and again bye bye queeny?

  27. 23:20 if they don't move their king, Rf5 but they would probably move their king because its a sensible move

  28. I haven't watched the video till the end when writing this but in the copycat variation black usually plays g6 after after Q move. And it's unclear why it is bad in this case

  29. I'm 800 Elo and have a friend about the same level who I play with a lot, and he plays 1…e5 probably 90% of the time, and I have tried this opening on him quite a few times since watching this lecture, and won them all, thanks!!

  30. My friend, that was a very instructive dive into the Vienna. No picking out the most obscure lines, no clickbait. Just real-world-applicable positions and their best moves.

    Thank you kindly for uploading it. Oh, and your name sounds like an 80s action movie B-lister. :)))) Love it!

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