The Sicilian Defense | 10-Minute Chess Openings

Learn the Sicilian Defense in ~10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂

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  1. 2000? I was born in 1982 so I guess I"m too old for it

  2. saying don’t play the sicilian until you are 2000 plus

    is like saying: don’t play baseball until you make it in the majors

    hello!! how the fuck am I going to make it in the majors without playing baseball first??!!

  3. The Sicilian Defense intrigues me very much, although I'm only about an 800 rated player. I just really want to learn it and try it. As black I usually play an open game with e4, e5 or the Caro-Kann with e4, c6. This was a nice video, covered a lot of things and introduced me more into the sicilian. I definitely gotta check out some cool variations

  4. Crib is my non chess game. I take losses much more lightly.

  5. I am a 700 and when i play with white and my opponent plays the sicilian i know i am gonna win this game

  6. I don’t like you but I’m willing to watch the video with ad block on of course

  7. I'm around 1000-1200, i always end up in sicilian, bowdler attack while playing as black, even though I have memorized 50 variations of Sicilian

  8. I’ve learned so much but nothing at the same time.

  9. I am having hard time playing against scicilian player. What opening is best to counter scicilian defense player?

  10. I eat breakfast 300 yards from 4000 Cubans who are trained to kill me, so don't think for one second that you can come down here, tell me that if I play the SICILIAN and I’m not at least 2000 the opponent will bang my ass, and make me nervous.

  11. i love the french variation of this…but im only 650 elo…

  12. Me: i wanna play Sicilian
    Gotham: you don’t got the facilities for that big man

  13. Ok guys, I’m about 700 which means that I am about the level to be playing this opening, now I will be spending the next 6 hours studying this video, thank you for your time and goodbye

  14. I like your videos but telling people who have lower rating than 2000 not to play scicilian is ridiculous. Who are you to tell we cant handle it? Invite me in lichess i will show you we can handle it. I might not win but i believe i can handle the complexity of the lines though.

  15. My 1000 brain started to hurt around the 2 min mark. 🙃

  16. Sicilian was the reason I quit chess.

    Years and years all noobs like me played e4 e5. (a rare d4 (queens gambit) if white felt adventurous).

    Then suddenly everyone started playing sicilian, and memorizing a dozen moves ahead. Winning by winging it (not making obvious mistakes and hoping the opponent would) no longer worked! I had so much success with Scottish gambit, the only opening I really kinda studied, but no longer got to play it…

  17. I'm a 2900 player


    Jk never

  18. Last time Mussolini try to play with Sicilian dude got hang over the pole

  19. I’m 1200 in online rapid chess and I have my highest percentages of wins with the Sicilian. Not saying it can’t be complex but you have to remember that at lower levels, they have as much to remember as you do.

    All the theory I know about it before watching this video is that it helps you take the centre with c5 and keeps f7 safe by playing e6. Know what I mean? Like those are two really big problems that people who aren’t good at chess face and the Sicilian helps out big time at facing those.

  20. Games I play that are not chess….
    Axis & Allies
    Magic The Gathering
    Toon Town
    Many card games
    Cards Against Humanity
    Stuff Happens
    I like chess the most because it's 100% strategy. With no dice or shuffling of cards, it takes the element of luck out of the equation. I find games that are mostly based on luck to be boring.

  21. When will you do a Yugoslav attack video?

  22. Isn't it better to play it lower than level 2000 since the chances people have these moves memorized are far lower?

  23. I think 2000 is a bit too much 1500-1700 is a more realistic area to start playing Sicilian cuz if u pick a opening and play it till 2k u just don't want to change it…

  24. Thank you for incredibly rich tutorial! So much info in 10 minutes… that can cause dizziness) (in good sense of course)))

  25. Thanks for the video. Can you recommend a good openings book for beginners? Or just a beginner chess book in general? Amazon is flooded with many booms with contrasting reviews and it makes purchasing anything difficult lol. Thank you

  26. Got a tournament tomorrow so learning how to counter this crap

  27. 10min and learned jack shit lol. stick 2 playing b

  28. To answer your question: League of Legends.

    Playing the Sicilian lower than 2000 is like a bronze player picking Yasuo. Just, like… don't do it man.

  29. I tried playing siceliean at 400 and I forgot the spelling

  30. Most of my chess wins are thanks to the Sicilian Defense.

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