The Sicilian Defense | 10-Minute Chess Openings

Learn the Sicilian Defense in ~10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂

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  1. The problem is anytime I’m watching tutorials it just hypes me up and I want to immediately stop watching and go play a game lol

  2. Im 1600 rated and I find the Najdorf to be the most solid, it's the only variation where I don't fall into annoying traps.

  3. GothamChess: "You should not be playing the Sicilian until you're at least 2000"
    me who just reached 700 rating yesterday and come to study Sicilian: "Next time baby!"

  4. Me: (wants to learn how to play the Sicilian Defense)

    Gothamchess: (At the start of the video) u have to have at least 2000 elo.

    Also Gothamchess: (In the later part of the video) the variants mentioned just now are for people who's elo is below 1500.

  5. I’m a subscriber, and I would like to join your discord but idk where it is

  6. Really glad I found this Chanel – no waffle just loads of great info – 5 star ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  7. hello freind. i'm untersted to you'r chanel not to learn only chess but to develop my lestining because i'm etheir an English student. Many thanks.

  8. Book are effective in times past….men when is your bday and how old are u…pls reply…I'm a huge fan…pls…

  9. I tried playing the Sicilian as a 1000 and my ISP canceled my internet.

  10. Its been a while, and you are a stronger player these days… Maybe revisit this defense with black?

    Also, if you like chess you should check out Hive or Okitama as good board games. If you like fun engine buildings Oceans is a really solid game as well.

  11. Apparently the sicilian defense is some kind of "offer you can't refuse" to gain control of the center… if the opponent takes the pawn, he is no longer controling the center, and if he does not, then he loses his pawn and no longer controls the center.

  12. Bro tryna sound smart naming off European names openings

  13. I played Madden 2001 on n64 for like 12 hours yesterday/today and I got to the playoffs with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. ( With only one loss) I don't know why but it makes me play every playoff game for every team, so I turned it off instead of playing for a whole day to reach the super bowl.
    I have to get a memory card basically. Peace

  14. the sicillian was the first opening i ever learned from my cousin and i think it was the dragon variation but im not sure

  15. How can I get best books for siccillian opening

  16. I am a 1900 and I just started studying and using the Sicilian, the narjdorf is my best

  17. Thanks mahn 💞 Helped a lot really… I'm a beginner….rated around 600 and was planning to learn Sicilian but your opening punch line made me realize I'm not ready for it so…😅…keep making such 10 min videos🤘

  18. Is it possible to play the Sicilian when white moves to d4 and not e4, or is that a completely different opening?

  19. I tried playing the Sicilian, and got threatened that I would get roughed up by, "The Family"

  20. So i typically do decent in untimed games playing the sicilian but am getting rekt with any sort of time limit . I think i may have to try something else . 1200 in daily chees but 700 in timed chess 😂

  21. Playing against guys that just memorize moves sounds real lame

  22. Gotham: "Don't play the Sicilian until you're rated 2000."
    Me who plays Dragon and learning Najdorf: "no"

  23. So if I shouldnt play the Sicilian yet, what should I play from 300-2000 🙂

  24. I think Levi is making a good point about steering away from this opening when below ~2000 rating, I honestly think that it is important that you learnt the opening and have a study about it (can be a bit brief depending on your level) so when someone comes in with it, you can smash them due to their lack of knowledge. For example, let's say I was 1000 rating and someone came at me with the sicilian without a proper understanding, I who have studied this, will beat this player as they don't understand the theory and lines. TL;DR, if you aren't ~2000 rating, you should study this opening, don't play it yourself and smash those who play it against you!

  25. 5:41 he says but at 0:37 he went on for 30 seconds about it… am i a troll??? yes i am…

  26. intro of this video: "you are gonna regret clicking on this, fellow 1500"

  27. Thought the Sicilian defence had specific moves but i was so wrong, there are so many 😅

  28. I tried playing Sicilian at 980.
    Still win! (7 mistakes, 5 blunders, 4 missed wins)

  29. I play Blood Bowl competitively and wish to study chess to understand better. Thank you for the video.

  30. Thanks Levi I can’t count how many times Your quick lessons just open my insight. I never really understand why play the Sicilian now I just want to play with it and see what happens. Thanks bro I still use the rosman French defense just to throw someone off.

  31. Man I just fluke it as I go. Only been playing for month. I'm so bad =(

  32. Real time stratagy Chess or as I normally tell my chess friends Starcraft 2

  33. “Don’t play Sicilian until you reach 2000 elo” Proceeds to do a collab with Hikaru rating the best chess openings for beginners and put Sicilian as Legendary :/

  34. Never play the Sicilian when death is on the line!

  35. What happened if first white open d4

  36. Am I the only one who don't like how the chess pieces are design…I LOVE CHESS…but look at that horse, it's look like a Chopped head from a horse who just put it there with no effort. Why can't the horse be a complete body of horse with some abs to it….

    And the bishop…come on, they should get like a wood and make the bishop a bit more wide like an oblong and a cute cross on top of his head….the Queen and king looks nice…for me the pawn should have like a more armored appearance.

  37. I like has he’s real quick to be like “only play at 2000” and like I remembered that I (like 1200 don’t judge) once played e4 and I got c5 so I said to myself… “huh, Sicilian” and then continued playing normally with whatever I thought was good moves. Maybe I was playing a smurf… :/

  38. Most pick an opening because of how good it looks. I love to use the sicilian toilet variation for the name.

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