The Sicilian Defense | 10-Minute Chess Openings

Learn the Sicilian Defense in ~10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂

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  1. This all seems way to complex, I think I'll just try to play the english but with black lol

  2. Hi Levy, thanks for this video. how should black defend in case of opposite castling and white pushing his pawns on the king side ? how to stop white from opening the H file for his rooks ?

  3. "Name a game you play that isn't chess" Shogi

  4. I tried playing the Sicilian at 900 and Stockfish told me I pull no bitches.

  5. When going e6, how do you get your light bishop out ??

  6. Actual Sicilians playing the Sicilian defense are goated

  7. Bro the >1500 bots are playing the Sicilian, what else am I supposed to do?

  8. i naturally evolved into a 2 knight sicilian player with dark square tactics favoring short side castling to get the 2 rooks adjacent to each other asap before advancing then sometime mid game i like to be able to synchronize longitudinal latitudinal attacks with whichever remaining power pieces i havent already sacrificed harassing the opponents defense eventually chasing down their king this is the only way i can play what is this style called

  9. I can tell from the first 3 minutes, he is indeed speaking in English. That's all I got from the first 3 minutes.

  10. In summary, take with knight not queen

  11. Gotham: "Don't play Sicilian until you're at least 2000."
    Me, a 500: "I will play nothing else."

  12. sicilian def is awesome for player under 2000+, just have to keep the attack coming once deploy. when black fall back to defense mode, it is extremely difficult if white know what it is doing.

  13. I took Levy's advice. I'm 2100 and I'm just starting to learn the Sicilian now, and you know what? I'm getting bodied by 1500s that already know the Sicilian.

    My advise? If you really want to learn the Sicilian, then you're ready to start learning the Sicilian, whatever your Elo.

  14. This is not really helpful. You’re just spouting terms without explaining anything.

  15. Gotham: "You can't play the Sicilian unless your 2000+"

    Me: "well how do I do my assignment based on how I play the Sicilian? IT'S DUE TOMORROW!"

  16. "Don't play the Sicilian until you're 2000"
    If only my opponents would listen.

  17. Suppose I'm interested in playing chest with a sicilian master yet how do I know someone's interested in playing a game with me when I'm not sure if I'm worthy or another master has their eye on me

  18. "Don't use Sicilian until you're rated 2000"
    Me who is barely 700: Cries

  19. I don’t get all these names and technical concepts, why not just organic chess?
    But I’m only a beginner so I don’t have anything to back that up.
    I like the creativity in chess so when I learn here and there openings and what not I try to have fun with it and when I struggle/and or lose it makes it even more challenging and enriching.

  20. I think all this chess talking and openings and stuff is just a talk ,,,if u know the rules of chess i mean how pieces moves ,,,thats it. The rest is up to you ,,,,its like religions ,,,learn the basics the how u move the rest is just talk ,,,,ur moves and ur plan thats it ,,,

  21. I love this opening so much, it creates such a great layout for the rest of the whole game. Even if it doesnt fully workout youll still have some great moves to your availability.

  22. Geez….I love complicated chess openings

  23. Geez….I love complicated chess openings

  24. I need the png of Sicilian defence for black

  25. If you play the Sicilian Defense against me, I will try to maybe play Smith-Morra Gambit against you because it seems like fun!

  26. hey levy, make again a video about sicilian with the new version of "get out of here "😋

  27. Thanks, the Sicilian helped me a lot for the games.

  28. play it only if you are above 2000
    Me at 1200: interesting

  29. Im here cuz those mfs at my 1300 rating are playing it

  30. I tried Sicilian at 850 a bit against players between 1000-2000 and I gotta say, the complete random energy of the matches actually netted me more wins than I thought would be possible. People do not enjoy playing against this opening 😅

  31. For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord

  32. Any tips for a person who just started playing but wants to dedicate time to improve fast?

  33. Bro people be playing this at 600 and I’m perplexed just trying to utilize the Caro Kann

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