The SECRET to Gain Chess Elo

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  1. Okay, okay. I feel ashamed for playing selfish chess. 😢 I will ask my opponent out what she wants, invite her to my home etc.

  2. bruh thought i was lagging but its just the video lol

  3. Long time subscriber, first time commenting, love this kind of video. Keep it coming!

  4. Levy is truly the greatest chess content maker

  5. great video! teach my kid chess, and after i move he is already itching to move his piece and i keep trying to teach him "wait, why do you think i moved my piece there?" hehe good stuff!!!

    him and i are luvin ur videos!!!

  6. these are my favourite videos. along with analysing GM games

  7. B5 is bad because then you would move rook to c5 forking queen and pawn

  8. I’m not actually bad at looking at what my opponent wants to be honest I feel my issue is not knowing what is a good attack and not and I often attack and although I gain space sometimes material my opponents just seem to defend into a draw
    Potentially need to up my opening repertoire and attack repertoire

  9. Yes, this kind of instructive vids are good. It’s meaningful, valuable and enjoyable all in one. Make more please.. thanks👍🏻

  10. Please make more videos like this. Your how to win at chess series is the reason I became a sub and still watch everyday. This is on par with how to win at chess. I love GTE but this is the content I’m really here for!

  11. Please give more instructional content like this. It took me a few sittings today to get through it, but it was extremely helpful.

  12. Levy knew what he was doing with the thumbnail

  13. very nicely done ! very effective piece of advice, indeed ! From a French 1879 Elo fide point of view …

  14. 1500 here. Extremely valuable video!! Excercises are uncommon in chess videos like this, but damn they work

  15. bro gave us the finger XD

  16. Just by watching Gotham's videos i've managed to reach 1000 elo and closing on 1100and i thing this specific one is going to help me a lot ! thank you for your content really helped ♥

  17. I guessed all the best moves in confidence after taking my time, but I’m only rated 700. I think my issue might be that I should really slow down and make better decisions like Levy encouraged in this video…

  18. Idk how but i found H4 second game,but i just wanted to trafe the bishop soo yeaah

  19. In the second game I would play Nh4 to attack the queen. Am I really that dumb? XD

  20. This is why this is the best chess channel online.
    Very instructive and entertaining!

  21. is nobody gonna talk about how the thumbnail showed him doing the middlefinger??? lol

  22. Please make some more content like this, I am learning so. much. Thanks for doing what you do Levy, it is ace.

  23. Great video absolutely love the GothamChess channels great content

  24. me thinking the thumbnail is GothamChess calling me a one trick while sticking the middle finger up at me while making the most goofy face in the world.

  25. jacky72 is romanian with 3000 elo? not possible

  26. I screamed "THAT'S WHAT I SAID" at 5:50 and my morale had never been higher because i actually though of g5,g4 from black but then I quickly humbled myself because it took me like 20 seconds to notice that and i never thought of a4,a5 and couldn't follow anthing after that in the video

  27. levy try not to say the word “brutalized” challenge (impossible)

  28. This doesn't help me at all. I'm always trying, and failing, to anticipate my opponent's intentions, and I often play against opponents who are constantly anticipating and neutralizing all my efforts. I used to be 1400 but studying chess theory has made me worse and now I'm 1200. I'm not getting better and I don't know how to fix that.

  29. Love content like this. If it isn't lucrative enough, maybe package it in recaps or something. I'll be here for your content and thrilled to see recap or educational stuff.

  30. Man I got on this vid and I thought I was going to get free elo

  31. I was thinking about your second game, and the rook sac.

  32. Thank you so much for this video absolutely right, sometime i don't take the time to think what does my opponent wants! Greetings from Nicaragua.

  33. My question is, what's a good way to practice thinking about the opponents best move, other than playing games?

  34. it was acually a stare because it froze, 10/10

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