The reason why the London is GARBAGE

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  1. Wait why do you ever promote pawns to rooks and bishops instead of just a queen

  2. Please go on talking about your courses, maybe eventually i'll get it and then you get the 50 or so dollars and I finally have sort of a monetary reason to seriously learn some chess👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  3. In Jergus-Thomas game (27:38), the dark Bishop can move to d2 and fork the White Queen and Rook. Your thought wasn't gonna work, I believe. I'm still a big fan though! Keep it up!

  4. “If you think that’s a threat, then maybe try checkers or poker” -Levy 😂

  5. Where do you send clips into for Gotham to look at?

  6. 24:31 There’s a clip you can watch to learn how these work Levy. Just search “Andrea asks Magnus a question.”

  7. you've gained 1m subs since I first saw you, keep up the great work

  8. i thought the opening stares couldn’t get better. i was wrong. 11/10, truly leaves the viewers not knowing what to expect.

  9. I know it's garbage, but I spec'd too hard into it. It's the only opening i know. sadge

  10. i really hate watching any videos with magnus carlsen…idc how good he is…he's a punk

  11. Please don't stop shamelessly plugging your courses. I love it. I'm bummed I missed the deal, but I did just get the e4 course. I'm thoroughly enjoying the material and the different ways of learning the positions, lines.

  12. Levy, maybe it's time for Benjie to have a human baby brother. There is nothing better than having a child.

  13. The issue is not the plug ins of your course the issue is that you’re trying too hard to be funny. Not saying this to diss you just being real on the reason for my dwindling interest in your content over time. It just becomes irksome when you’re trying to be funny every third sentence.

  14. poker is a stupid game played by retarded people…

  15. I'm not sure if its always been like this and I'm just noticing this now, but your commentary on this video seemed a bit echoey.

  16. me counting the letters in popularization to see if he was right 💀

  17. Pechac-Beerdsen just shows why chess is brutal! I love it!

  18. leavy after losing that game in 5 seconds using the london system:

  19. daveeds actual wife Daveeddiggsistoohotforthisworld says:


  20. Bad news Levy, at 11:41 every single pawn would have promoted on a dark squares, pretty sure you can't checkmate with four dark square bishops.

  21. "stop advertising your product" i literally bought the middlegame course on the 50% sale cause you advertised it, like literally you said "stop this video and go buy it" and i did… do you man you are great!

  22. According to a study in 2017, switching to bioplastic would cut our greenhouse gas emissions around 25 percent.

  23. Do you realize that you have just insulted your entire fanbase?

  24. I thought the London was levy's favourite opening?

  25. The waffle house has found its new host.

  26. No Wijk aan Zee is a coast town where it rains even a lot for Dutch standards!

  27. erwin will bounce back, it's just another day for the survey corps

  28. So nobody is going to talk about his face right at the beginning?

  29. BASED BASED BASED BASED. didn't watch the video but I like the title!

  30. Is no one talking about that face in the opening? The opening of the video, not a game

  31. This is one of the best videos Levy has created in the past six months. London is for Levy-tie. That's a pun, son.

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