The reason why the London is GARBAGE

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  1. Terrible critique of classical chess "wahh the people play good it's not interesting", it's meant to be a celebration of excellence not who blunders the pieces more, so what if that isn't as appealing to people not everything is meant to appeal to everybody. If everything was done simply for appeasement factor no great art would have ever been made and no excellence would be achieved if we are just attempting to appeal to base rate humans who often have no appreciation of greatness as not a lot of great people exist and spend their lives being pawns for big business with no original thoughts or brain functionality capable of focusing on a event which requires more than just "lol queen hung lol".

  2. You dared to touch my london, unsubscribed.

  3. Thanks for this Levy. TBH the London has good intentions and it worked for smashing intermediate bots. Hikaru doesn't like it. My idea was to castle quick and not get cheesed by any of the fast checkmates. The Italian seems sharper and I will check out the Vienna of course. Some of the other systems like Colle seem to give a similar position to the London, it might not be total loss. I liked the Scotch until Xqc got Scholar's mated by misplaying it.

  4. I have won a fair number of games with the bongcloud at my level, so the london should be fine.

  5. "While the white bishop shishkabobs his position." Levy you are so good, this is why we love you. Premium content right here ladies and gentlemen. Hilarious!

  6. Wijk aan Zee is just a random town where it rains a lot.
    It DOES have one interesting feature; but I assume you already knew about the chess tournament that's sometimes played there.

  7. I too agree that London is garbage. Oh wait, he means the chess mvoe?

  8. Jorden was like "Lets make this interesting" and Fabi was like "But why though?"

  9. I actually jumped a bit because of the opening stare 😀 I'm SO used to the usual Gotham routine that I wasn't prepared for anything different at all… 😅

  10. ''And that's a Guh guah as the kids say'' Bruh this games are making him crazy xD.

  11. The most unnatural thing I've seen in Gotham is promoting a pawn to a bishop and not to a queen.

  12. Thanks for video and this lesson ❤️❤️

  13. I could only dream of Stockfish drawing against me with white in that position, Levy is vastly overestimating me 14:15

  14. "I'm a YouTuber after all, we are not too smart" lol 😆

  15. London is a L am i the only one who noticed it or L is another vowel added by levy.

  16. Word significantly larger than nine characters: Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

  17. Damn Levy, I literally just watched your 10min London opening video and your “how to win with London opening” video and this is the third video that pops up after?!? It’s funny cause I was your video was 2 years ago but thought “ahhh chess doesn’t change that much”😂😂😂

  18. Been practicing the London for two months, then I see this…

  19. Ivic looks like a movie villain? Dude, check a mirror 😉

  20. The waffle house has found its new host.

  21. I'm a 400 elo player, and I will probably have a fleeting interest in chess. But I want to say that your presentation is very entertaining and has me hooked currently. My favourite video I've seen so far is the Alpha Zero vs Stockfish video.

  22. I laughed so hard when I saw the video name! But next one will be me getting yelled at for playing the Sicilian

  23. Not me at 400 elo watching video telling me not to play the London at 2500 elo

  24. You are a funny man. I would eat you last in an apocalypse scenario

  25. ivic definitely does not scare me with his appearence (his chess obviously would). what about him could scare u Levi??

  26. Eric Rosen enjoyers after seeing the title: 🙁

  27. Typical Brooklyn Jew can't stop talking about marketing!

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