The Ponziani Scheme: It’s Legal | Chess Openings Explained

Nick Risko teaches the Ponziani Opening, which starts with 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.c3.

C44 Ponziani opening
C44 Ponziani counter-gambit
C44 Ponziani, Jaenisch counter-attack
C44 Ponziani, Leonhardt variation
C44 Ponziani, Steinitz variation
C44 Ponziani, Fraser defence


  1. Hmm, black seems to come out better too often for my liking.

  2. What kind of dead animal is that sprawled atop your cranium?

  3. I don’t know any other openings. It’s all ponzi

  4. Nick, two things, first thank you for doing a stand-up job on an opening I have become fond of and second, I really appreciate your ability to take a complicated case and analyze it in layman terms that are easy to follow.

  5. Thank you for redoing this. I was hoping!

  6. “Not recommended for beginners” was literally my first opening I learned

  7. The original opening works wonders against beginners as it seemingly violates opening principles so they don't understand the pawn move until its too late. The counter gambit however definitely makes it alot harder

  8. I feel personally attacked.

    This is my main opening and clicking on this I thought I might get some additional ideas or tactics but this was just an hour of my guy shitting on the ponziani. I mean I get it with best play it isn’t the best but for myself it’s a sick/semi complex opening for a beginner/intermediate player like myself (around mid 1500) and literally almost no one plays d5 correctly after c3.

    If you’re gonna do an opening video at least show the benefits of it rather than say all the wild lines that show it isn’t the best.

    Maybe I missed something but I’m just bummed.

  9. Good illustration bro ! SLCC content is by far the best on YT!

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