The ONLY Opening you need as Black

The King’s Indian Setup, combined with the Pirc Defense, is a very easy Chess Opening especially for beginner to intermediate players. But even Grandmasters play it. We will learn the easier version tho. It will help you improve at chess, win and strategically and tactically dominate the game. If you want a higher rating, watch this guide on this opening. Oh and Subscribe.


  1. Though it's the best opening for d4, but I think for e4 caro kann steals the deal for me

  2. Out of all the chess tutors I'd watched in YT, your the most entertaining one, you make your videos a bit funny and not plain boring lectures which is why I'd subscribe and watched your videos, hope you make more videos

  3. This isn't real life, you can't just ignore all your problems. 😂

  4. Master has uploaded. My repertoire has strengthened .

  5. Please upload strategies, tactics and endgames tactics. You are the only channel that makes chess easy and fun

  6. Bro love your videos got 1100 in no time.
    Can you please make a video about Queen's Gambit:)

  7. I found this opening pretty deadly at low elo.Often people even dont develop their white knight, so you can just Bb2 and take free rook. Thats tope and thanks for the guide, nice!

  8. Mind me asking what TTS voice you use in your videos? It's on the tip of my tongue and driving me insane 😅. Or if anyone else knows? Much appreciated!

  9. You promised you would explain the nxc6 move, but you didn't:(

  10. Video on mietner mieses gambit, ponziani,stafford gambit next? Mostly stoked for if you ever do ponziani next tho. Great videos man

  11. I like your videos even thought its a tts voice because there's no useless rambling and straight to the point.

  12. Once white castles long and exchanges black’s fianchetto bishop, black’s position is worse and harder to play.

  13. I only play kings Indian atack & kings Indian defense Haha, perfect video for me

  14. As a black i agree that this is the only opening i need

  15. Comparatively to your ruy Lopez this is much lesser understandable (middle game)
    Please explain middle game in more detailed way

  16. Fuck yeah I was waiting for this.

    Also, I missed the music. It never stopped me from learning in other videos, and it’s not like you have annoying trap playing on the background.

  17. This was such a great video, I'm not sure if it really needs the music, I can see why you questioned using it or not, keep it up!!

  18. Music good. No music – me think sound broken – me sad

  19. I didn't know it was King's indian bro. But g6 is always my move after either e6 or d6.

  20. King's Indian is good for online games, but for OTB games, I would rather suggest playing the King's American where you just pull out a glock. It has a 100% success rate.

  21. Video ideas:
    1. Midgame Tactical practice
    2. Endgame theory

  22. You should review Hikaru vs Boris Gelfand, truly one of the best exaples with the Kings indian defense.

  23. I love the BGMs! It makes learning chess much more fun!

  24. I really enjoy your opening vidoes, cuz u dont only show an opening moves, u also explain role of each piece toheter and midlle game plans. Seriously, medile game plans are very importand during openings.

  25. NGL I have SST examination tomorrow and this time frame 4:32 reminded me that I forgot to study History Map Skills 😂

  26. Enemy not allowing to make King's defence. Always threatening my knight by king's Pawn

  27. If anything turn the music very low. This is a great beginners guide to the KID but I feel like for the Queenside you should have some sort of setup like the Pirc, or have counterplay against the Four Pawns

  28. there’s a lot of inaccurate information from this channel. the kings indian is awful for beginners. also don’t play the kings indian against e4 💀

  29. TTS: bad
    Not capitalized letters: bad
    No punctuation: bad

  30. Playing with this opening and losing after building castle, probably because i barely can remember anything after this

  31. After going down from 1000 to 400 elo I'm remembered 1st and 2nd parts XD

  32. This video does not really show how to handle 1 e4. It's easier to defend a King's Indian Defense than an Austrian Attack Pirc.

  33. thank you papi, you have taught me alot

  34. I’ve always used this opening and will always use it

  35. I hope you read this because your videos are absolutely great. Among the best chess educational videos here.
    Hope you get all the subscribers and money for your efforts 🙏

  36. As a black indian i see this as an absolute win

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