The Most Solid Chess Opening: Berlin Defense | Best Opening Moves, Strategies, Traps & Ideas

Let’s check out the Chess Opening that most Grandmasters are playing nowadays. Even the great Magnus Carlsen plays this opening quite frequently. This opening is none other than the Berlin defense. There are various chess opening strategies, tricks, traps, moves and ideas that you can use to win more games. In this video, I will show you the Basics of the Berlin Defense, which is one of the most solid openings for both white & black. The Berlin Defence opening variation can be used by black against the Ruy Lopez opening. In this video, I have covered the 2 most important lines which can be used to either draw or force a win depending on your situation. The opening moves shown in this video will help you build a strong opening repetroire & will help you win more games. You just need to follow these starting moves, practice in game situations & you will definitely improve your game. Let me know which is your favorite chess opening? I also have an interesting puzzle at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that by finding the best move continuation for white.

Here’s another useful video where I cover all the basics of the Sicilian Defense:

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  1. In video 5: 49 the best move is c3 after that queen capture the knight then we should take our queen pawn at d4 so finally the bishop should capture queen's pawn then our bishop capture the Black's bishop then queen will go back

  2. I suddenly remember when i my friend go play chess both of us use this opening😂

  3. Qhe5,dxe5,bc5 and it is a beautiful mate by the bishops

  4. I have been playing this opening for awhile now without knowing it.

  5. play Bg5# if the F6 pawn captures, then Qg5 is a checkmate

  6. Puzzel:
    Pawn c5 , if he takes pawn by d6 then bishop to f4 , check with pawn to king after that I hope you understand

  7. I always get killed in castle 🥲 I’ll try the Berlin thanks

  8. queen e5 if pawn takes the queenon f pawn then bishop g5 is a checkmate going back if he takes the queen on d pawn then bishop c5 is a checkmate..

  9. We will like and subscribe if we like your content, no need to shove it down our throat every 5 seconds. Such a turnoff.

  10. OMG!!😈😈😵😱😱THAT WAS GREAT .. Now I'm going this opening EVERY TIME!!🥵🥵🥵

  11. Puzzle Checkmate: Sacrifice the bishop ..pawn takes.then we take the pawn With QUEEN!!! CHECK MATE!

  12. Hi 👋..I'm 1435 Rated player and my opponent was 1699! I WON WITHOUT A QUEEN AND after I Capture his QUEEN HE RESIGNED!!! But I'm ANGRY bcoz I didn't get any points😭😭😭

  13. Puzzel :

    We will sacrifise our queen by playing it to e5

    If he takes the queen with the f6 pawn then bishop to g5 is a checkmate , if he takes the queen with d6 pawn then bishop to c5 is a checkmate , if he blocks the check with his bishop then we will take his bishop with our queen and its a checkmate.😶

  14. firsty bishop to g5 then pawn captures bishop queen captures pawn and checkmate

  15. At last queen to d5 and its a beautiful checkmate

  16. Puzzle Answer – Q2g5. Pawn takes on the Queen. Then B2g5 is a beautiful check mate. 💟

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  18. Puzzle :
    If we move our pawn on c4 to c5 the black's pawn on d6 will have to capture it and we will recapture it by our bishop on e3
    Then it will be a check mate

    Love your video

  19. One option for puzzle is to Sacrifice your Bishop at e3, Black will take it and than simply Castle and it's a Checkmate

  20. PUZZLE:-

    Dark bishop to g5, if pawn on f6 takes the bishop then queen on g5 is a checkmate…. without the queen sacrifice…

  21. Very informative video. You always explain complex things in very easy way.

  22. First pawn to c5, black will take the pawn then bishop to c5

  23. Hello Chesstalk i really like the Berlin defense it is a great opening if you play it correctly

  24. I think long castle is good that will make a trap for black if he didnt do nothing

  25. I bet this guy sleeps on a giant chess board and snuggles up to the giant queen. If his gay it will be the giant King !!!!

  26. Qg5 , fxg5 , Bg5+ and……………. CHECKMATEEEEEEEEEE🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. replying to the puzzle dark square bishop g5 sacrifice white pawn takes bishop g5 queen takes pawn g5

  28. What happened when black play D7 to D6 instead of Knight

  29. Sorry to say, subtitles in your videos are disturbing to see the chess game. As we always focus on game, subtitles are not required.

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