The Most Popular Openings in Xiangqi | An Intro to the Chinese Chess Opening

This video has hot tips for how to start the game with a strong opening. For chess players and everyone new to Xiangqi, learn how to move your pieces early in the game so that you can control the board and crush your opponent!

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0:00 Introduction
0:32 How To Recognize the Opening
1:30 Introduction of The Three Most Important Opening Principles
1:51 Principle: Develop Pieces Early
2:09 Principle: Develop Pieces Evenly
2:33 Principle: Create Room for your pieces and restrict space for your opponent’s pieces
3:06 Introduction Most Common Xiangqi Openings
3:42 Central Cannon Opening
4:10 Same Direction Cannon
5:09 Opposite Direction Cannon
6:07 Screen Horse
6:50 Opposite Direction Horse
7:35 Cornered Cannon
8:09 Outreached Cannon
8:56 Preemptive Horse
9:25 Flying Elephant
9:45 Celestial’s Sortie
10:37 Summary

– 《象棋布局精要》 by Dianzhong Liu(刘殿中


  1. I hope you have a xiangqi book in english version.

  2. Best channel. Keep going. Here a Brazilian trying to learn a little and you making my life easier. Thank you.

  3. nice video , hey guys who know an android app for xiangqi but with european theme

  4. Thank you for the video!! I just started playing and I really would like to get better. I definitely subscribed to your channel, it is really good.

  5. beating my chinese wife at xiangqi has never felt better!

  6. trying to learn xiangqi strategy is hard when in Chess it's the exact opposite lol!

  7. I learn after prectice that get ride of you adviser. They block general's movies and only nights can check you, from diagonals.

  8. thank you for the lesson, cant wait to practice with my friend again soon.

  9. What's stopping a player from attacking the opponent's horse with either cannon on the first turn besides the obvious response with a chariot?

  10. if you don't explain the meaning behind the moves, this is kind of pointless except as an exercise for the viewer to try to figure out the meanings. However, that might be out of reach of a beginner…..

  11. Great. Thanks. Can't wait to dive deeper into this game 🙂 谢谢你们!

  12. Oh geez another video! I hit the bell to get notified when a new comes out and now I get notified when a new video comes out. This video, another banger. That thumbnail! Hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 just
    Top tier content all around 👍


  13. OMG!!! wow!! I gonna try the basic one xD central cannon; it sounds like central-rook in shogi hahahaahah xD

  14. I can see potential of this channel, it’s fresh and approachable compare to others. As new player I’m glad there is channel like yours, please keep going. Subscribe!

  15. Great video! Happy to have some Xiangqi resources in English!

  16. Please more videos! It's great to finally have Xiangqi in English

  17. Favorite Openings: 1. Palcorner Cannon 仕角炮 C2C4 2. Cross Palace Cannon 過宮炮 C8C4 3. Elephant Opening 飛相局 A3C5 4. Pawn Opening 仙人指路 D3E3 5. Golden Hook Cannon 金鈎炮 C8C3 6. Horse Opening 起馬局 A2C3 7. Central Cannon 中炮 / 當頭炮 C2C5 《楚辭·招魂》– 菎蔽象棊(棋),有六簙些。分曹並進,遒相迫些。成梟而牟,呼五白些。

  18. h2 to h3 cannon to do the solve or counter the soldier opening

  19. Finally a video that just goes over what an opening is, and what can be played from there. It's very difficult to learn xiangqi in English because of this.
    But yeah, very nice. Very cool. Thanks.

  20. Thanks – I for one would also find it useful to know the Chinese for terms like 'flying elephant'

  21. Sam Sloan in his book refers to a set-up for black known as 'Fan Gong Ma.' Does this feature in this video?

  22. how is stalemate created? because if no one wins we all win

  23. Western-style piece images. Give me a break! If you couldn't be bothered to learn a few Chinese characters, just go back to chess, would you?

  24. The video is good for players with some knowledge in international chess, especially the notations of moves

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