The most Beautiful Chess Tactics that leads to Checkmate! #MCCP #chess #Checkmate #chessopenings

The most Beautiful Chess Tactics that leads to Checkmate! #MCCP #chess #Checkmate #chessopenings #chesstricks


  1. that hxg4 move was the solution to a recent chess puzzle from the Financial Times with this exact position. the line from this game followed the puzzle exactly, cool to see.

  2. Parabéns. Coloque o tabuleiro mais acima da tela. Tem muito texto sobre as peças do seu adversário.

  3. Shahrukh Khan ini kalo main catur pasti menang telak…. senyum, melirik,minum dan menang….
    Seumur hidup gak pernah kalah sama sekali

  4. Jangan biarkan dia minum,masalah besar akan datang jika anda membiarkannya minum

  5. Mas esse rock de pretas aí não estar incorreto ??

  6. Bem comum esse sacrifício na abertura escandinava. Deve ser a primeira que o jogador de pretas joga essa abertura ou foi tudo planejado.

  7. Que gran estafador!estás partidas que pasa no son suyas

  8. Rivales muy malos,, noten las jugadas malísima que hacen

  9. Si no se quitan los letreros, no se puede ver la partida!

  10. How Casting was done, bishop was covering the black square…

  11. No que no se puede enrrocar si hay una pieza que intercepta el enrroque

  12. Son partidas que ya se han jugado y solo las aprenden y las vuelven a jugar

  13. ujung ujungnya minum .. kalau dia minum itu tandanya di mau menang.

  14. Video dedicated to #chessguru.. Title – The man, the plan, the cannal… Do watch… Awesome explained by parvindar sir

  15. Castle kai rite thayu vachhe to unte hati ???

  16. pemain chess yg 1 ini..asal minum aja..mesti ada bau² checkmate..cuba aja tonton kontennya sebelum ini..

  17. This was scripted.. I saw the same moves in a chess championship played by two grand masters.. it's a complete trap by sacrificing 2 Rooks and a queen giving opponent a feeling that his victory is inevitable but finally check mate the king with bishops….

  18. Castle is not possible there as b8 is under the Bishop😅 I think

  19. Pengen nyoba maen aq langsung di K O kalii ya

  20. I saw that mate 3 moves before, study tactics and you will do it too

  21. Кто этот Южный талантливый дроччер ?

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