The Most Aggressive Chess Opening (+Halosar Trap)

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you one of the best chess openings that you can use when playing Internet blitz games. It is the Blackmar–Diemer Gambit, which follows the move order: 1.d4 d5 2.e4.

At first, it may seem like a not so sound idea for White, but when you’re playing online chess (blitz games) in order to win the game, you need to create problems for your opponent. Even the world champion, Magnus Carlsen, says “People crack under pressure… you’ve got to create those problems for your opponents”.

And one of the best ways for you to create such problems for your opponent early on in the game is to play a gambit. Because gambits always give you an extra tempo for development as well as a bunch of open lines and diagonals, which you can later use to attack your opponent.

In the following video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov has also explained the Halosar Trap from this gambit, which follows this move order: 1.d4 d5 2.e4 dxe4 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.f3 exf3 5.Qf3.

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  1. Why is the black always fooled????????????????????????????huuum

  2. B e3 then surely Bg4 – Black keeps its two pawns advantage.

  3. Loved you explanation.
    Btw Minecraft ID?

  4. Les Blancs ont gagné, car les Noirs ont fait une erreur : f6.En pratique, un joueur ne joue pas de cette façon.

  5. And just a side note – QxB looks like it works, but you have to calculate a move or 2 deeper to see that at the end black's N can take white's B on e3. If that wasn't the case, then if white played QxB would work b/c if QxQ then white plays Bc5 mate, and if NxQ, then Nd5 check, forking black's K and Q. But unfortunately, black then plays NxB on e3 and turns out to be an even material swap, although black is worse due to white having either a discovered check if black K moves to the d-file, or only other squares are light, so if goes to e8 white can check with Bb5 and has strong initiative, but if Ke6, black's N on e3 covers the c4 square, so white can't check and he loses his initiative, although still has decent position.

  6. Everytime after I watch a Video of yoirs i play a brilliamt chess game❤️

  7. Why would anybody play Queen B2? All my opponents just stayed in the D column to prevent me from casteling

  8. When White plays d4 d5, after e4, I play e6, the French.

  9. Hi Igor, thanks for this video. You are a great teacher and I appreciate how clearly you explained this gambit. Thank you!

  10. Some people play e5 after Nc3. Wish you explained that line too 🙂

  11. Instead of 6… Qb4 – 6… Qg4 seems stronger for Black? and scores 58% wins for black on the 365chess database.

  12. 15… Bf7 seems like a big mistake!? If Black instead plays: 15… Bd7 then it's questionable whether or not white has enough compensations for 2 pawns?
    Loaded into Stockfish on 'Self-play' Black gives back one of the pawns and wins.

  13. Been trying traps all day & everyone is playing conservative. Grrr I learned & won with the Fishing Pole trap yesterday though 🙂

  14. Great idea, but practically I feel most would know now to move the queen to b4 so I recommend taking with the Knight, if you choose to play this at all

  15. Queen takes horse! Nope! Ouch! Didn't see the pawn take. Nice move.

  16. After I went Bishop to E3 my opponent went Queen to E7 and prevented me from long side castling. I chased the queen with my bishop and they blundered but I'm sure that's not the strongest move.

    What should I do in the future?

  17. BE CAREFUL!! – I lost a tournament because I got my opponent in a double check mate and he cheated. The double check mate move is legal but it also allows for your opponent to easily cheat against you if you are not careful. The judge looked over our chessboard three times, when my coach from afar was watching the monitors and yelling that I had my opponent in check mate, and my opponent illegal moved out of it. Because my opponent took around 7 minutes to move (he had time and we were on the clock) I lost sight that I had him in a double check mate and that is what my opponent was waiting on and counting on. It stung because that was for our school trophy and we have not won a chess school trophy ever.

  18. I was using some of these variations but i was not aware of all the variation thanks for this video

  19. Fascinating gambit. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  20. Magaling din sir gm igor. Salamat ang dami kung nattunan sa mga move mo. God bless,,,

  21. Hi thanks for coaching. how should play after d4 d5 e4 d×e4 Nc3 Nf6 f3 e×f3 Q×f3 C6? Please answer thank you again

  22. the only thing i get this video is don't watch chess tutorials

  23. Wow… this is going to be my 3rd opening after the Vienna and the Dragon Sicilian defense. I love it

  24. از پر حرفی ناراحت میشم چرا که حرف زدن خارجی بلد نیستم

  25. آقای ایگور اسمیرنوف چرا دیگه مسیج وایمیل نمیدی منتظرتم مرد بزرگ

  26. A whole lot of nothing….couldn't even beat Boris in spark chess

  27. Sir you are a Grand Master so I was expecting the answer from you

  28. My average Centi Pawn loss was 78 my opponent average Centi Pawn loss was 126

  29. Im playing years in chess. Com and my rate is always 1300- 1400 but with this video I reached to 1570 perfect video thatnks a lot I’m 50 now if I had a master like u in my childhood I would be like Kasparov 😂😂😂😂

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