The Fried Liver Attack: Chess Openings

The Fried Liver Attack is a super aggressive chess opening for white. There are many lines and variations and we will look at a few of the most common. We will see some cool tricks and traps, and, of course, look at the mainline.

This is a great opening for aggressive chess players and is well worth knowing if you are a chess beginner, so you don’t fall into the trap!

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  1. Great video! any chance for a english opening guide?

  2. My advice to any new player is don't play the Two Knights Defense until you study the Fried Liver Attack.

  3. Yo bro could you do petrovs defense? I see that allot of beginners do a common mistake with that opening and loose their queen in the process (I'm not the victim I promise)

  4. I just recently started learning chess openings and your channel is a gem. Thank you for the videos, I don't care which opening is next, just that there is a next one!

  5. Mate I would really appreciate it if you could do simple opening theory of the Sicilian like an introduction

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