The Fastest Checkmate Explained

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  1. I've watched dozens of strategy videos the past few weeks. All of them get decimated by novice computers. All these videos say "these will be the most common response moves." They're accurate zero percent of the time.
    Just venting…. wanted to learn and enjoy, just became frustrated and angry. 😕

  2. The first move is too contingent on the opponent doing multiple dumb moves consecutively. The second 1 however, seems like it would be an easy win against most amateur players 🤔. As its not easily defendable?

  3. I’ve been attacked by that second method so much it’s the one opening I want to master

  4. Ang galing mo po Mr. Paturo po ako sa chess

  5. but im do that im your webside the king kill my queen

  6. how to defend: put the horse above the queen.
    thank me later

  7. In the 2nd method instead of defending with Knight they could defend with pond making the method not work

  8. I have a sectret fastest checkmate its just 2 move no cap i did it rn

  9. Wait a sec i can get crushed by the king

  10. But what if in the second checkmate the opponent played G8 to F6 before the queen move?

  11. Bro no one is falling for scholars mate lol also you messed it up

  12. E4 pawn,F4 bishop,D3 king,F5 king,and checkmate

  13. Nice one mate!… Checkmate! ♟️👍🇳🇿

  14. I just did the first one and boy did it ever feel good

  15. Every new born baby in chess defends this checkmate 😅

  16. To checkmate, u need people doing blunders

  17. ty for this tips cuz im going to enter a chess game tysm

  18. How to download this chess?

  19. I don't know how to play chess but I came here to do check mate in 1st move to win Clash of Clan 250k gold😅😅😅

  20. It's work I win a match Thank youuuuuuuu🥰

  21. Just used the second trick and immediately won with it 💀💀

  22. Bro when i was 200 elo legit everyone would do the scholars mate and when i would know how to defend it they would reign

  23. This step can be used if the enemy is a bot+stupid+can't play chess, but if the opponent is of intermediate skill, or a master, or a grand master, this step is useless😏

  24. white privelage wins tournament

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