The Fastest Checkmate Explained

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  1. everyone is saying that everyone knows these moves. like duhh, scholars mate is only for people rated 500 and below, youre not smart for pointing this out

  2. I'll never forget. Guy plays 1. f3, I respond e4. I hover the queen over h4 (Was too much of a pussy to pre-move) Miraculously, the guy actually plays g4. My fastest ever checkmate of 5 seconds.

    Also, there was an Indian guy sandbagging against me who played f3 g4 and then resigned when I didn't mate him LOL

  3. Dude no joke, I watch this, played a game, and the dude walked right into the first one haha

  4. The second one is the Napoleon's check mate!

  5. Ahhh yesss f3…. the "I'm fucking stupid gambit"

  6. I didn't even knew this was a move people made I didnt learn it I just got it

  7. In the second checkmate, I do queen first because if the king pawn is out, and the opponent attacks your queen with knights pawn. You win a free rook.

  8. I do the Napoleon Attack on beginners, works everytime!

  9. Yea but how does this affect Lebrons legacy?

  10. Yeah whiteโ€™s virtually never going to push those two pawns ever to open the game withโ€ฆ lol

  11. People that use this โ€œstrategyโ€ are weak and deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law

  12. I taught my elder brother how to play chess and he wouldn't stop bothering me all day, asking to play until he won.. One night i had a really bad headache, and he was irritating me so i made a bet; i said if i win he will only play when i want to and he won't bother me otherwise. I didn't even know of the first move, but i stalemate him in 2 steps. And i gladly went back to sleep.

  13. Scholar mate most exist in 1 minute or less chess bullet.

  14. Reminds me of schlatt getting checked quickly by botez lol xdd

  15. for the second method its better to put the queen on f3 so that a pawn doesnt try and attack

  16. everybody gangsta until you play against someone rated above 400

  17. in most games black would just push their g pawn a step, threatening the queen

  18. kh 6/ kh 3 see the second way bilek : They need to know my power

  19. i'm in the 800-900 range and people keep trying to go for it, and it's so annoying because it disrupts the natural development of the game and becomes a game of constantly swatting away incessant threats that don't actually do anything

  20. I actually have gotten this checkmated๐Ÿ˜‚

  21. People who know Roy Lopez Extended Variations: "peasantsโ˜•"

  22. The most ideal thing in that situation for black is to move its pawn forward to threaten the queen to leave

  23. Idk why but i need to really think of a good checkmate to beat my dad

  24. the second one is bad because cant they just kill you?

  25. another one:

    e4, e5, Ke2, Qh4, Nf3, Qxe4 checkmate

  26. The first one is called "Fool's mate" and the second one is called "Scholar's mate". Both can be easily used to checkmate a newbie opponent.

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