The Fastest Checkmate Explained

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  1. Ok so I'm rated 1050 and I tried this out on someone and… It didn't exactly work as intended… But it did something similar?

  2. That person doesn't know how to play chess

  3. The fastest way to lose is to resign on the first move. Learn from Magnus.

  4. i honeslty knew 4 moves before the other thing

  5. I did training chess I learn how fastest
    checkmate this my favorite move I will
    not never forget I will remember that faster

  6. What happen if he don't want to play horse in the c6 and play it : horse f6?

  7. where is the one with the knight in 3 moves

  8. the second checkmate is known as Napoleon btw

  9. I love the usage of the MoistCr1tikal clip at the end–his usage of the Scholar's Mate is probably the most famous in history

  10. You mean the "I don't have enough respect to play a full game of chess with my opponent" move?

  11. I got a three move against a bot once. Played Wayward queen because I was bored, and the boy pushed its king forward, leading to Mate in 1

  12. I play advanced for years, have not won one game but I tell people I play advanced.

  13. Nobody:
    Me:"why does almost every chess strategy ive heard Gambit in it?"

  14. Wow it works โ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ.. for. Idiotic people

  15. Im at 1000+ elo and people still try this like I havenโ€™t played against this opening 4000 times already

  16. I know the second one its scholars mate bruh

  17. How can two people can play chess in real life

  18. It'd be kind of boss to pull this out in gm not gonna lie

  19. They can move g7 to g6 for a counter though

  20. The 400 bot beats my dumb ass in like 3 moves all the time

  21. Pg6๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  22. i tried every game with this move until i win now my rating is 214

  23. The pawn on g7: I donโ€™t exist. Iโ€™m just part of your imagination

  24. you're a legend sir I play on your website I will try them out rn

    hopefully my opponents aren't smart lmao

  25. No wonder so many bad players come against in lichess trying this crap, since here is garbage like this

  26. Fun fact: the second one is called โ€œScholars Mate.โ€

  27. He made the legendary "Scholar's Mate"

    It's a type of checkmate which contains of only 4 move.And it is very effective.

  28. Is this called fools mate and scholars mate?

  29. if they actually try the 4 move mate then move the knight to g3 if they still do it the knight can just capture the queen

  30. Yโ€™all are saying this wouldnโ€™t happen but this is directed for
    Newbies like myself

  31. yeah but this is also rlly easy to counter and sometimes makes you lose the queen so use it against newcomers

  32. I once fell for one similar to the second trap and lost so much stuff I resigned

  33. Bro the Scholars checkmate is so common nowadays that even the lowest of Elos know how to defend against it by playing the berlings defense. i swear to god i started playing chess like a week ago and i saw 3 players playing the scholars mate in a row and because i lost the first time around, i learnt berlings defense and now that i try to beat people with scholars mate everyone suddenly knows it too, i have not been able to play this opening after 10 games. This mate is too obvious and popular now.

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