The Dumbest Gambit

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  1. i played this quite a bit but as black. This isnt a Magnus original and neither is it mine. I studied several transcripts from the 90s of a crazy white dude with american accent playing vs a local chess club in Baguio Philippines. The most disrespectful part he did was to sometimes offer to flip the board but double the bet when the opponents were about to resign. He stpped comming back when people started to call him Bobby.

  2. Bro, i really feel like magnus trying to get all the quests done before retiring. He put the controller down for a year and is working on finding out what the hidden quests are.

  3. @GothamChess I am late seeing this but wanted to comment that this is very reminiscent of an opening in one of the games played on ICC in 2001 between Nigel Short and who he believes was Bobby Fischer. You may find the correlation interesting.

  4. Why did he let the rook thru. What was the play for horse back?

  5. His opponent also played the grob against magnus. My respect for that man

  6. Bro was like: let me give you an 8 move head start then kick your ass.

  7. Magnus did not have to do that to that man.

  8. This is why magus is the GOAT. When people are thrown into unfamiliar position, it shows how good they really are.

  9. If we think about it magnus is still the bored kid that defeats gasparov in chess

  10. When magnus carlsen forget :what is queen and king square.

  11. Mission passed respect+100000000 magnus carlson

  12. He was really disappointed he had to play white this game.

  13. Magnus woke up that day and decided to troll grandmasters

  14. bro really wanted to play with the black pieces

  15. Bro just wanted his Kind in the other side

  16. Can you imagine being so good at a game that you can give one of your closest competitors 6 whole moves for free and still beat them?

  17. That's wild😅😅 I would quit tooooo

  18. What was wrong with A2? Magnus benefited from a blunder too.

  19. Iam doing
    because my color is black
    when no move

  20. Stockfisch disrespects us all. 😅 Humans think just they are smart. Monkeys are smarter they make no wars.

  21. Magnus knows that his taunting his opponent would cause him to tilt

  22. This is bad ,no matter how good you play you shal not disrespect your opponent, but people support this😔

  23. I had a game like this the other day with my buddy who isn't very good. I walked my king right up into his pieces and took them out left and right and walked it right back to protection. He resigned lol.

  24. Imagine the amount of hardwork and effort put in to become a GM to just get completely clowned like that. You worked so hard to become great at something and Magnus shows you are trash by comparison

  25. imagine dedicating your life to a game for several years, acquiring the highest title there is to have just to get mocked and then destroyed

  26. Magnus: can I switch king queen sides?
    Chess: no
    Magnus: I bet on my 8th move I can.

  27. Is this part of a full video I gotta see that game

  28. Gotham chess is great for chess narrative!

  29. you know what's funny?
    somebody tried to play like this in front of me and then he just lost all of his pieces

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